Finding A Real Match When Dating Without The Sexual Pressures

One of our readers recently made a comment that I thought was surely worthy of a post as the situation is very real. It is the fact that when we start on our dating journey, we come across things that might obscure the search for a real match.

Looking for a real match.
I’ve known gringos married the wrong girl, bought her car, help get her job, learn English, etc…., Then after two years come to the conclusion “dump this unappreciative bitch”, divorce her, and start the process all over.

Many of us including myself have gone through it in different ways, I would say the most common way is the way the comment reads, more about money. Although in the above situation it seems to be about money and sexual appetite. It seems to me the above guy flew to Colombia, started dating a GFE or just a chick around the immediate areas. You really don’t have to go far to get infatuated with a hot babe in Colombia. These first area girls just so happen to always be around the foreign tourist. They just hang around that area like a wolf waiting for a wounded deer, with an angel look on the outside.

They come with the tools needed for persuasion, and on a good day she will work her hardest game to get the gringo. She has the arsenal of great smelling perfect hair, smooth skin, an ass from a rock video with all the charm to go with it, kind of reminding me of a post I did aboutEuphoric moments. It is the poison that infiltrates most any foreigner. The infatuation peaks and she can do no wrong in his eyes. She is the angel he has been hoping to get for many years, but instead getting stuck with a slew of just average girls that cannot get a commitment out of him.

This was the trip of a lifetime, and his head gets filled with the above along with the perfect sex he has been having the last week while visiting Colombia. Shit, how could I not marry her and take this home with me. How great it would be to have this every night at the house.  She will be at the house waiting for me in the nude while I come home from work every day with a full meal cooked and the house spotless. She is the angel I have been waiting for, she never even argued with me, she is the sweetest ever and I would be a fool to let her go.

How do you stop yourself from going further? It’s hard and would take a tremendous amount of discipline. Any man that has not been out with or actively dating girls like this will have a tough time saying no. So they get engaged or even worse married with a positive view which is good, a positive view is certainly better then a negative view when it comes to marrying a foreign bride.

Depending on where he lives she could be as fast as 3 months in the North East of the USA to 10 months whether married or just on a fiance visa. In that period he will have tasted some of the blood sucking tendencies that are about the flourish. If not, she is holding back until arrival. Upon arrival, no wasting time, she needs his help in getting her drivers license, she needs his help in schooling. She knows that she cannot work yet. So much for the girl waiting for him with a full cooked meal after work. Things are already on the decline, but he stays positive. He thinks, she will appreciate all the things he is doing for her. Little does he know, she will not appreciate shit. This stung me also, although not with money but other things I did, or pulled strings on for her.

Zero appreciation, hopefully not but many of you will have to learn this on your own because it is hard to understand. Almost as if they are entitled, whatever it is, very hard to explain. It is one of the toughest obstacles to get through if you can. Even worse is due to us not really understanding, it could take up to two years to figure out. Most guys get so sick of it as the comment above states, they divorce and try again.

On a solid note, if the guy did his research correct, learned the culture and the ways of the wolves, it is possible he may find a good one. Remember there are plenty of good marriages coming out of Colombia sometimes by luck, but I believe more in hard work.