How Soon Should You Sleep With A New Colombian Girlfriend?

I was talking with a guy this week that started dating a Colombian girl around 2 weeks ago. He showed me her pic from his phone and he mentioned that he cant wait to see what sex is like with this girl. I took a double take and I asked him how often he see’s her and he said so far only around 4 times in the two weeks. I thought ok and he still didn’t bang her, it must be him trying to be a gentleman because it is doubtful a Colombian girl would wait that long to sleep with him.

It reminds me of some of the guys screwing up relationships in Medellin with girls by waiting so long that the girl thinks something is wrong with her or he is just too cold. These girls typically love to bang (not much more too do besides go out) and if you met her from Colombian Cupid, rest assure it she has banged many other gringos before you. She might even speak a certain level of English not from school but from the time spent chatting with the other gringos prior to arrival.

Some gringos with no intentions of meeting real girlfriends or wanting to play the large field in Colombia will use sites like Colombian Cupid to meet many of the girls just for the purpose of getting laid. While the girls expect that in some cases the guys will misrepresent themselves in order to get laid for free with the Colombian Cupid girls. This will go the other way as well, meaning in many cases the girls will already expect that and try to pry as much as she can out of him prior to his departure and road to other women. If you have conversations like I have with other gringos you will see that some of these guys have banged pages of women from the dating sites. They learn to use it as a tool in order to eliminate the pay for play prostitution houses even though they usually end up with some of the working girls as well.

When meeting a new girl from Colombian Cupid if you have spent a few days or weeks chatting with her daily, chances are she will sleep with you the very first private moment alone in Colombia and she will expect that. As early as arriving at the hotel from the airport.

If you are in Colombia and met a girl from Colombia Cupid while there and set up a first date with hardly no chatting, typically she will expect you to make out with her and possibly bang the same night, if not surely the next date. There is no Oh well not this one, she is a good girl. Bottom line is they are used to guys coming on real strong every single day. They are used to having sex much more than us gringos typically. They like most people enjoy sex and do not use it as a weapon or a prize like many American counter parts do. They might use sex as a manipulation tool, but unless you haven’t read this blog you probably won’t fall for that garbage.

Bottom line is for years people have been using Colombian Cupid as a place to meet girls just for getting laid and in most cases the girls are game.