Important To Date Several Colombians The Same Week To Avoid Constant Failure

It has been tried and tried again by several guys that I know and also guys that I don’t know that I hear about. To take off and fly to Colombia for 1 week and spend it with that special girl you met online just will not cut it. It has proven to fail over and over because something always comes up. We try to be proper and focus our full undivided attention on that girl we think so highly of that chats with us day in and day out on the webcam or on the home phone. Problem is 9 out of 10 times she is not the one, even if you are 100% sure she is, for some crazy reason she will not be.

This is not to say that this cannot happen. It does happen on rare occasion although the guys i’m thinking of did in fact date around 5 girls in that same week. What happened was is they found their wife in the very first week of being in Colombia. This is extremely rare and although there are tons of fiance visas getting processed from those first trips, usually they are canceled within 5 months.

Either it is tremendous luck or she will make it all the way to the USA and the shit hits the fan. Even if the fiance visa is all done and you have a grand or two invested, if things go bad while waiting, always better to end it before arrival. Consider it a sign and jump on it.

The deal is, as proper and good as we want to try to be when dealing with foreign women the rules have to be broken. You don’t have to lie even, she is expecting it even if she tells you she is not. Number one rule is to make sure you have at least 5 solid phone numbers before going down for a week and use them. Even if the first date went great, go out with the others for lunches or whatever you have to do.

If this doesn’t get done, the time is wasted and years pass and the guy wonders why? What went wrong? The answer is it was a mistake to focus on 1 girl each expensive time consuming trip. You fly down, you get a hotel, you pay for dinners out, taxi rides for you and her all week. It all adds up and she really doesn’t give a shit. I don’t need to hear the bullshit from the guys that are in love with first time Colombian girls and get angry because they are 100% sure she is the best angel that ever hit the earth. These guys that don’t listen will eventually learn later. I see them on blogs sticking up for there girlfriends and there is nothing you can do to change there minds. it is something that has to be learned alone as the power of these hot women is far too strong.

Just think about it… Even if you fly down every other month here is the problem. It’s hard to find her bad points as each time you fly down it is a honeymoon and there will be no wrong. So lets say it takes 3 trips to realize you really don’t like her for a wife. That’s minimum 6 months to find out just 1 girl is bad for you.

If you date 5 girls in that same week, one may try to stop you as they pull the jealous shit but believe me, she is expecting it and will probably try harder to make the relationship work as she knows there is competition. When they know you are dating actively, she will make sure to show up on time, she will try harder to treat you better in my opinion and honestly it’s not cheating as you are not tied down to any of them yet even if they tell you you are. It will then become 5 girls per 6 months instead which gives much greater odds.

When I travel I tell them that I have plans that night and that’s it. With who? With a friend or some friends that I will call in a day or so.

Dating Colombian women searching for a wife is not an easy task and is hard work. Dating Colombian women for fun is easy.