Inside the Colombian Jeans

In the recent months as more people are going to Colombia and dating these girls, some have stated that once they take off the jeans the ass is fat. Well to start with just like anywhere else in the world some might be fat and some are thin. However, I really do feel there is a difference in the Colombian girl. One obvious difference is that by nature some Colombian girls have super thin stomachs and a heavily curved ass that could make one think that once the jeans come off, it will be jello city. In some cases true but for the most part those girls that have the flat stomachs with the highly curved asses that appear fat, usually when the jeans come off, they are nice and firm just rounder and more beautiful than the average body.

As for me prior to dating Colombian women, I always preferred a nice thin girl ass and all. It was just more appealing to me and sexy seeing that gap in the jeans while they walked. When I started dating the Colombian girls I was amazed at how big but tight those asses were in the bare. A good friend of mine is a die hard super thin girl lover, he doesn’t even want to date those Colombian chicks with the curvier bodies. I told him just to try and like me he would probably never want another super thin girl in the future.

This is truly a gift to these Latin girls and they know it. In fact most guys that I have met that have been with Latin girls prior will always want to have that big ass physical aspect in a relationship. Just like while in Colombia or Brazil, the local guys go crazy for big asses and with reason. The funny thing is as this craze goes on for bigger asses locally, the girls actually look for ways to increase the size of the already larger than average. Some of those ways include ass implants, jeans that are made to lift the ass to show a larger effect, or even padded panties.

Some U.S. girls have absolutely stunning asses as well it’s just not as common as it is in the South American countries. Here are some pics of some beautiful examples of the Colombian girls.