Investigative Personalities The Girl From Medellin Colombian

This week a good friend of mine who is currently in the pursuit of a good Latin woman, paid the hard way in a new relationship he was forming. He was previously dating this girl from Medellin named Elena.
Elena seemed to be a nice lady, around 27 or 28 years old, a medical doctor not a lot of experience in the bedroom, nice looking, loves the home life.

My friend had been dating her for around 5 months and went to see her twice, both week long trips. He has not had the best of luck in the pursuit of the girl that suited him well. In fact he has dated around 7 or 8 different girls in Medellin over the past 3 years. Some of the reasons have been simple. He has been extremely picky in his search for perfection, it just doesn’t happen that way. You can look for 10 years in Medellin or anywhere else and perfection the way he wants it will not appear. In fact for a while there I thought he was not serious in finding love but just wanted to go and screw around. He was looking for a super slim no ass Latina that speaks English and is perfect. When I say perfect, he wanted a girl that was blemish free and the whole works that just doesn’t exist even in the hottest of Colombian women.

In any event over the past year he has changed his view somewhat ad has realized it’s not going to happen like that and has started dating more simple girls, and even did away with the English thing. On his first trip with Elena, he learned some things that kind of bothered him but felt that these things were easily changed or learned in the future. He was kind of turned off seeing that she wore only granny panties and didn’t wax the bush among a few other things. However the last trip he saw her on the second night, while they were together in the hotel room, she decided to take a dump with the door open wide only around 5 feet from where my friend was awake laying on the bed with no tv or music on. This I think for any guy is gross and it certainly kills the moment of wanting to go down on her anytime soon after that. Personally, I have been with alot of girls and none of them have even came close to taking a dump in front of me, or even farted and I prefer it that way. Its just the way it is, girls usually hide things like this and rightfully so. Not Elena, she openly let loose right in front of him with the sound effects and all. When my friend told me that I had to laugh, surely a first.

In any event, the relationship slanted downhill from there, he quickly lost interest and decided to move on. So much so that he starting looking in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Obviously he is not fixated on just Colombian girls, he is open to any Latina that might work for him. I have been to the Dominican Republic hundreds of times. I have gone with clients and for work over a span of 7 years. I will do an article just on the D.R. for those of you who might be interested. For me the D.R. is a cool place to go and have fun, but I never really loved the women over there like I have for the Colombian girls. Although, I have met several very hot girls from Santiago, some being with excellent qualities as well.

So my friend met this girl from Santiago recently after Elena and started dating her. She had a facebook account and asked him to open one as well, so he did. As soon as he did not only did Elena try to contact his new girl in Santiago, but she posted I love you ect, another girl he dated in Medellin 2 years ago posted a picture of him and her on his facebook. So now this new girl in Santiago is wondering whats up with this guy, not a great way to start a new relationship. In any event, this is a trait of these Colombian girls, they love to screw up new things for someone that was in their past. They have the instinctive investigative minds, similar things have happened to me with my ex girlfriends in Medellin, not on facebook but in person. They have a way of making it look like that it is the gringo boyfriend that is the jealous one while she is an angel. In the meantime they are jealous raving lunatics all along. Makes you wonder if this is instinctive, or was this developed only after they have been screwed over badly by their ex boyfriends in their barrios.