Is Your Wife Fiance Or Girlfriend A Prostitute

I know.I know.. Your saying my sweet innocent girlfriend could never be. Well I have some news for you, she might be if your not cautious with your choices.

It happens to the best of us. Several of the universities there even have what you call “prepago pamphlets“, kind of like catalogs for students that are selling themselves for a few extra bucks on the weekends or really daily. In my years of going to Colombia I have met tons of girls that have done or still do this type of work to be able to buy better things or to support their child. Child support in Colombia from what I heard is almost impossible to collect. Plenty of girls go to fincas for long weekends with groups for parties, BBQs, pool parties, or just sex weekends. Another popular thing thats a scary thought, is the contract jobs out of Colombia for 6 months at a pop.

One very popular one is called Elite Clubs, which are in several countries including Panama, Salvador, Gautamala and so on. I have known several girls that have left on 6 month contracts to save as much money as possible for those months so they can return to buy implants, lipo, cars, motorcycles or even a house. Those girls usually always return for further contracts. Another popular destination among the Colombianas is Costa Rica, San Jose or the beach areas. Over the years Costa Rica has become a major tourist destination where prostitutes do well. So don’t fall for the typical crap, ahhh amor, I was in Panama for a year cleaning houses. Or I went to Japan for a year on a warehouse worker contract. If they speak some Japanese, and the past decisions of your girlfriend or future wife bothers you somewhat, it’s better to walk away, unless their University had Japanese classes. I have some personal experience with this and do not wish it on anyone, hopefully you guys can learn from my mistake and not get into the same or similar situation as me.

Six years ago I was in Bogota with a friend of mine and we were walking through the Uni centro mall in the Zona Rosa area on the north side of Bogota. I spotted this absolutely beautiful girl, well to my taste. She seemed simple, she wasn’t wearing the typical studio f look at me type clothes, she seemed real secure in who she was and didn’t have to walk around showing half her boobs or with an ass implant. Just a very happy type girl that I could tell was a complete knockout. At the time my Spanish was minimal at best and so was my experience with Colombia all together. I asked this girl for her number inviting her to dinner, she smiled and said yes. Now we had to work on a date for my friend as well so our Friday night would be set. We proceeded to leave as my friend had several phone numbers to call from some of the dating sites that he had joined prior to going. Back at the rooms, my friend called and said his date would be there at 8, so I called mine and had her meet as well at 8.

We were out front of the hotel at this time the Casa Dan Carlton was offering special rates to private investigators that worked internationally. Suddenly the taxi came with my date and wow, this girl got out of the cab and prior to meeting up she went to the hair salon and was close to perfect, even my friend said wow as she got out of the cab. His date was 40 minutes late (normal for some) we waited. Finally the night began and my date was perfect, the chemistry, the conversation worked even though I didn’t speak Spanish, we made it work somehow it always does. I had 4 more nights in Bogota and opted to call this girl every single one of my nights and days left to be with her. It was awesome. She had told me she was from Pereira and was in Bogota visiting her brother who was a doctor working at the hospital. She never once asked me for money and we stayed in touch every night on the phone, I called her home phone in Pereira where she lived with her mom. I had to see her again, the relationship was staying awesome, we always laughed, spoke about interesting things, she seemed like the one to me. I had to go to Medellin to the Colombia Moda convention in the next couple of weeks, so I asked her to meet me in Medellin as it was only 5 hours from Pereira by bus or a 40 minute flight. She agreed, we spent 1 week together in Medellin and it was great, this time we spent the entire time together as we stayed as a couple in the hotel, so we could really see how it was living together 24/7. I returned to Florida and her Pereira, same thing staying in touch calls to the house phone every night ect.. I made another trip back to Medellin 2 months later for 10 days and she met me there. I proceeded to ask her to come live in U.S. with me, that the relationship was to good to not be engaged or married. She agreed, so I started the process immediately upon my return to Florida. To this day I still have never sent her any money, and once I offered to help her while she told me she was selling Christmas cookies and she refused the help.

I needed some papers from her to complete my petition for the fiance visa. She quickly sent me over night what was needed. Off went the paperwork to the Texas service center at the time. It was around 2 months into the waiting process on a Saturday night I called her and her mom said she wasn’t home. I called her cell and no answer. First time in 6 months this has happened. It was strange to me so, I didn’t think anything of it and figured she would explain to me later that evening, but later that evening never happened, in fact Sunday passed and still nothing, she would not answer the cell either. Now I was aggravated, so Monday came and my phone wouldn’t stop ringing. I asked her where she was and she proceeded to tell me she was with a girlfriend for her birthday and that her cell had no battery left. I told her another weekend like that and I was done. The very next weekend came and believe it or not the same exact thing happened. I was shocked. I thought wow, what is this girl doing, there is no way the cell is dead again, the stangest thing is that if this had happened sooner I never would have gotten serious with her, it’s like the number one rule for me, if you cant speak to your girlfriend at night in her house, she surely has amiguitos or friends with benefits. Not for me at all. Anyways, the phone started to ring like crazy on Monday, I had already chose to end the relationship, I decided I didn’t want to hear the bullshit no matter what it was. Something was for sure wrong.

Around the 52 call I answered and proceeded to tell her that was it, sorry, that I was cancelling the visa and that it was a shame to throw away such a good relationship for whatever it was she was doing. She said wait please. So I listened, she said she didn’t tell me because she thought I would be jealous. She proceeded to tell me she promises when here in the States she would change and that she only does it because she needs her things. She said that she is a call girl for high end clients throughout Colombia and travels for weekends to be with them sometimes. I was shocked and grossed out at the same time. I told her do not call me anymore that the visa would be cancelled in the morning. Which I did do. I had to send a fax letter to a fax number I had as well as an email advising the U.S. Immigration that the relationship was ended and no need to finish the visa process. Yes it was sad, but I had to end it, no way I could live thinking how many men has my wife had sex with prior to me or the crazy things she had to do with them for this money. 1 and 1/2 months later I get a call from her saying that she received these documents from the U.S. embassy in Bogota approving the visa, I also received notification in my mail of this, so I guess the cancelation didn’t work or since you paid for it the process continues no matter what. She asked me to please forgive her and that she would be a great wife, and that maybe we could try, it was tempting but I just could’t do it knowing well that I had no intentions to marry her.I told her that it’s an error that it was in fact cancelled. It’s just procedure to send the papers out ect. ect. I asked please don’t call anymore.