Many Guys That Visited Colombia When Get Back The Local Qualities of Women Drop Down Tremendously

A problem for many guys that have visited Colombia is when they get back to the United States the local qualities of women drop down tremendously. Just think, while in Colombia you are sleeping with and dating 8s, 9s and 10s in comparison to what you were dating prior to your trips.

So what happens is you get back and you end up not even wanting to be with any of the local girls at all. You have been with the best, why lower those standards. Not all but most of the local girls will treat you like shit compared to how you were treated while on your trip, still might not be bad but nothing in comparison. I remember after my first few trips to Colombia before I lived there, I would come back and meet these girls that thought their shit didn’t stink but in reality they were only 5s and 6s in comparison. Not to be so superficial, but it wasn’t even just in the looks category. It was the pure treatment of knowing how to take care of her man, doing all the shit that a guy wants without the added problems or issues. It really has little to do with looks, I mean there are super hot babes all over, especially in my cities, of NY or FL. It’s just the attitude really sucks.

I have a few friends that are currently experiencing this problem as well. One of my friends has been to Bogota a handful of times and then ventured into Medellin and dated around 20 different girls. He is around 40 and the girls he was dating ranged from 23 to 30 which is normal in Colombia. It’s normal here too but society has it pinned to be wrong. So now it’s been a while he has been back from his last trip and while visiting Colombia he hasn’t found the serious girlfriend yet for some reason or another. The problem is for most you just can’t keep going every month to get a fix. So he has been stuck here for a few months and has no choice but to date some local girls. The only girls he has been able to date recently have been around the same age, kids, demanding all kinds of shit, picking out the restaurants and just making the calls. To top it off, not only has he had to completely lower the standards and accepting these way below par type girls he is lucky to even get a bj in the car at the end of the night. he tells me it takes him a couple of high end dinners a shit load of drama and maybe they will put out.

Personally, if it was me, I would probably hold out and take a pass on the older local girls, unless they really had the right cool attitude. Instead of accepting anyone that was around, I would definitely seek out some local Latin girls.