More Complete Dating Site Reviews

Over the years I have posted a review here and there on a particular South American dating site that may or may not be good for finding a Colombian wife. To be honest as I have said in many posts, all dating sites can be good and typically have a few gems on each one. Some of them are far better than others and I will list each one and explain my feelings as to each one and sponsor or not, I will give my true and honest response as to the ones I think you should or should not join if you are looking for a Colombian wife or girlfriend.

Another topic that I receive a lot of questions is in regards to tours. Many clients like to take tours and yes tours can be a good way of jumping into the mix of things, getting your feet wet and feeling safer about a trip to Colombia or where ever the tour is located. Why feel better? Some like the fact that there will be others from the United States and English speaking people around. I know how it can feel to be in a third world country alone and without speaking the language. It can be the deal breaker for many men to even try to go find a foreign wife. So the tour can be the ice breaker for the first trip to many. One of the things about tours that tends to have me lean in the other direction is the fact that you will be thrown in with possibly 30, 40, 60 or even 100 girls. Some of which will not interest you at all but yet will be in the way of you getting to talk to the ones you really like. Another thing that comes to mind is the fact that there may very well be 20 different girls that you do like and you become confused and possibly jump into the wrong decision. It’s almost the same concept of going to a car lot for one specific car, but once arriving you notice that they have that particular car but so many others similar to it that you need to leave to go back and do more research on the other similar models that you haven’t thought of before that have gotten your attention while on the lot in person.

You can see my feelings on tours haven’t been the highest rated, but after speaking to several clients, I understand a little more of the reasons for wanting to do a tour. I will also list the dating sites that offer tours below in case you decide you really want that tour instead for the first go.

Colombian Cupid is a high volume site that does not have the tour option. This site has a low monthly fee and offers live chat with the girls that are able to join for free. The biggest problem with Colombian cupid is the fact that anyone can join and the fact that it is so high volume. It’s a haven for scams, prostitutes, money grubbers and even men posing as women to try and scam. With that said, you can however on the right day actually find a decent girl from it. I have met a few girls from that site over the years and my good friend right now that I spoke about in the Dominican Republic Journal posts is currently dating a girl from Dominican Cupid. Bottom line is it does work on occasion for experienced users that know how to filter properly.

AmoLatina is another high volume site that lists girls from almost every Latin American city and is owned by Anastasia which is a Russian marriage agency that has done very well for themselves over the years. They recently decided to take on Latin America as well and are positioning themselves quite well in it. I have heard mixed reviews, some saying some of the girls scam and others saying they enjoy it.The site works on a credit system, if you want to email a girl you have to buy credits, or if you want to chat with the girl you have to buy credits. They offer tours as well but I have not read or hear any reviews on their tours. You do have an option of doing the tours or just joining the site to communicate with girls that you like only for a more personal experience when visiting her country. I have never personally used Amolatina so any comments from those that have would be great. It does look like a viable option and it also has the option of live chat which is a nice touch but really not that important as you can just chat on msn after getting her email. Due to bad reviews, we have removed Amolatina from the site.

Another site that we like and have used, in fact a good friend met a real nice girl from there is called has a huge amount of Latinas from several parts of Colombia and has an office in Medellin. They offer tours and the thing that I like about them is the fact that they actually screen all or most of the girls that join from Medellin, Baranquilla or Cartegena. This site does not do a monthly fee, it charges per email but i’m sure each email is guaranteed to have a response or they will give you another one or possibly even a refund.(not sure) I have went through the profiles and they have some very good looking Colombian women and it seems to be mixed as far as women with kids and not. The romance tours they offer are at a decent rate but I prefer the email option. I would give it a try with a few emails to see how the response is. Instead of being like one of the higher volume sites above where 100’s of guys are contacting each girl, this one is more personal due to the way they sell the actual email.

Mark says

Can you comment on anastasia and foreigon affair as well as latin euro and colombia cupid. Thank you and like the book titles.


I read some things like that as well. Then I read a couple of good responses. For me the 3rd one on the list ifyoumarryme aka loveme is the best and for local, my own experience is amigos. For a less expensive all inclusive deal cupid is a good option. I have friends using it right now, more difficult to weave through the scam girls, prostitutes, but at least 30% are good. My buddy with the Dominican girl, found her on one of the cupid sites I have listed in Dominican republic journals.
I am going to take amo off the site, sounds too expensive. Thanks!

Steve says

Amolatina is filled with scams, I picked the hot looking MDE girls, and everyone, 8, were a scam.

Amolatina charges you read the letter back from the girl, and also to send.
I would ask a direct question, like what kind of work or studies do you do, and a few other direct type questions and almost never answered the questions. Some responses were close to identical even though they were different girls. Plus the questions from the girls would be the same, and when I answered them, the next email they would ask the same question.
Amolatina would not even respond to my complaint, its owned by some foreigner corp, in Crotia or somewhere like that.
I filed a credit card dispute protest, and Amolatina fought the charge, and photocopied my original email letter to the girls. and said look he wrote them.
Wasted $200 experience, not that much but the principal of it pissed me off.
A friend from NJ , had the exact same problem, though he used a credit card that had sort of no fault policy, and they (credit card) gave him his money back no questions. I pissed at him for not telling me sooner.


AFA is one of the sponsors on this site and I believe that one that is listed is the Latin girl part of it only. Either way, I do endorse their site more so than most of the others for the one reason they actually meet all of the girls listed in Medellin. There still may be a few prostis here and there but at least not 50%- 60% like on the higher volume sites that anyone can join. The higher volume sites like cupid and amo sponsor us also and they are fine, you just have to dig further to find the decent ones, lots of prostis and scams.

Thank you for compliment. I have to say loveme is one of the dating sites I actually recommend as you can see from the pics on the bottom right side of my page are all AFA. A few of my friends had good luck with that site since they do screenings in the office in Medellin. I actually met while in Medellin one of the girls my friend found on that site and she was great from a small town outside of Bello and Copa called Giridot.