My Colombian Girlfriend Tells Me She Loves Me, is it True?

The following is a question from a guy that has been recently dating a girl from Medellin that he met through the internet.

I have met and been dating this really cool girl that I met online in July last year, I have since traveled twice to visit her in Medellin. She tell me she loves me all the time, she is hot as hell and we have off the charts sex. I feel very close to her but I am not sure yet if I love her and if she loves me.  We speak on the phone daily, we talk about a possible future together. She has no kids and she is 23 and goes to college.  We have never had any real arguments yet and everything seems so good that I am thinking of popping the question this next trip. Do you think she loves me for real?

Honestly I am a firm believer in taking a shot if it feels good enough. I mean the risks will be the same they are with some girls  you might date locally.  I also have read several articles stating thatmarriages that commence sooner have a much better longevity rate then those marriages that happen after years of being boyfriend and girlfriend. I really believe this also, I have friends and know allot of people that have done it and it seems to work.

“What is Love” is the number two search in the world

As far as Love goes, that is tough. Its funny you mention that because just a couple weeks ago, I was reading online that the phrase “what is love” was the second most typed search in the search engines. What does that mean? It could mean that few people really know what love is anymore and want to learn online. It could be they have a certain feeling of infatuation from some chick they banged last week and think it might be love.

I think that it will be tough to see if she really loves you from going on trips and having sex with her. Each time you show up you are essentially in the honeymoon stage. When she moves in with you is when you will see if this girl really loves you. Outside of her element, back in the hometown.

  1. Can you count on her? What does she do for you?
  2. Does she care as much about you as she does her mom?
  3. If you were sick would she leave you to die alone and go back to Colombia or would she care for you really?
  4. If there was no money would she stick around and help you get back on your feet?
  5. Does she only think about her job and making her own way or is she really interested in caring for the house?
  6. Does she put you first in her life?

There are plenty more questions you can probably figure out yourself. These are just the basic questions you need to ask yourself to see if there is a possibility if she loves you later on. In the meantime, the risks are if you get engaged, you will have around around 8 months for her to get here and lots of things can go wrong in that eight months alone. Next she gets here and things suck bad and you get her on a plane hopefully and divorce or never even marry. You move on and remember that the risks would have been the same anywhere.