Office Based Dating Site Vs WWW Dating Site

There have been debates as to which online dating sites are better in Colombia and for that matter in Russia, Ukraine and Dominican Republic also. I will get into some of my thoughts as to the different types of agencies and why. I will not name any in particular but it shouldn’t be hard to figure out, as they will post on the site whether they have local offices or not, or just by the sheer number of people listed.

Office Based Dating or Marriage Agencies

Although all types of agencies whether web based only or office based it is possible to find a gem. Either type are loaded with prepagos, scams and pro daters that must be sifted through carefully. Scanning through to find some compatible looking girls will be your easiest job, the tough part will be able to then figure out the motives of these girls or if they really are genuine in their search. Also keep in mind that depending on the country or city this information will vary extensively as well. For example, I have a client that is searching for an Eastern European wife and prior to asking for consulting he had been burned over 4 times in Russia. He was working with all local office dating agencies that were really over their just to gouge the wallets of these men and unfortunately it may take 4 burns or more prior to knowing your dealing with a scam agency. The reason for this is in Eastern Europe there are tons of marriage, dating agencies and some are fly by night, recently opened. These agencies will do everything from post fake pictures to make deals with certain girls to be pro daters just to give the site a boost. Remember that one hot picture and profile can be the difference of someone joining, paying for a romance tour or even selling over a 1000 times the address of the girl. A hot girl receives enormous amounts of emails daily and an agency or website with several hot girls can make thousands of extra dollars each month. Put the scam type owner together with this and it equals lots of added fraudulent profiles.

When dealing with long term office based agencies in Colombia, owners value the agency that has given them a good business over the years and try to eliminate most of the otherwise fraudulent intentions that flow through. How do they do this? They try to do their best by interviewing each and every girl that walks through the door. They all have some sort of a screening process that will hopefully eliminate the obvious bad intention type girls that would otherwise flood the site. Some offices even charge girls a minimal fee to join with them. I know this, because a few girls I had met in Colombia told me there good friend was actually turned down to join the agency.

Web Based Dating Sites

Web based dating sites have a ton more traffic than the office based and there are several reasons for this which I will try to shed some light as to why. To start with the obvious reason is the fact that their is no background checks at all, no interview process so these sites are filled with scams such as guys posing as girl profiles, prostitution companies listing several girls, affiliate marketing for all types of adult companies that will try to lure you to use a credit card to join and meet that particular girl. Some of these companies will list 20 to 50 sexy pictures and profiles which accounts for some of the huge traffic these web based sites offer.

As I have previously posted articles about the intense jealousy problem in Colombia, these girls will make several different profiles using friends pictures to see if the guy is writing to them as well or the fact that they will try to make you feel better saying they love you and are gonna close their profile page to other viewers. The Latin based web dating site will have women from all over the word trying to pose as Latinas to try and form some kind of scam. If you are a member of one, how many times have you received an email from a girl most likely Eastern European saying she lives around an hour from you? Or she will use a translation program to try and write you a letter in Spanish to throw you off. This will lead to some type of scam. Your goal should be that you will be able to weed these out in seconds and just delete them.


The web based mega dating sites can also be good they just have alot more weeding through to do. If you know what your doing you will be able to spot these from a mile away and just quickly delete any emails that resemble a scam or bad situation. Bottom line is there will always be a gem in either type of dating site or agency. I have had clients do well in both and with this information you can save a ton of time. Remember if the pic looks like a playboy model or super model, although these countries have nice, good girls that truly resemble model types, it should raise a red flag that the pic may not be real.