Placing New Girlfriends Or Dates Up On A Pedestal

Placing new girlfriends or dates up on a pedestal is something I have noticed for a long time and even still recently. I can say that personally I have stopped hanging with friends after meeting a new girlfriend for a while. When I see my friends or even one of my cousins shut off their cell phones and disappear, it becomes almost pathetic. I understand you meet a new girl, things are nice and going well, you simply do not have the time to hang out with your friends anymore which is understandable and there comes a time when everyone goes through this.

However what seems strange to me is when the guy puts this woman so far up on the pedestal they do not even answer the phone anymore or better yet shut the phone off completely. I would have to think the girl notices this as well and the only thing going through her head is how much she has this guy by the balls. I do understand while in a movie or some other thing where phone calls are inappropriate but the entire date or even weekend. I also understand while busy to make the calls short, but man to be so pussy whipped to shut off the phone is an error in my opinion.

The girl instantly gains control, she see’s that she has the power to make him isolate all his friends and or business dealings. It becomes so pathetic and obvious that anyone can notice. To me this makes the guy look desperate in trying to do everything perfect in an effort to make his time with her the best possible. Personally I think it’s overkill and creates a bad vibe for the long term. It’s like wow, I got a date or I have a new girlfriend, let me shut down the world around me so I can devote every second to her. Wouldn’t it be better to be yourself so you can show who you really are, instead of putting on a show and being someone else that temporarily puts this girl way up on a pedestal.

Is it really that disrespectful to answer a call while your new girlfriend is over your house, or while you are driving to go to dinner or anywhere? Maybe I am wrong but I really don’t think so. I have been answering my phone for years without a problem, I mean what if it is en emergency, or an important deal that you may miss while your phone is shut down. The question is, what difference would it make if you did leave the phone on and actually answer a few calls while with her? Would not isolating your friends possibly damage your chances of keeping the new girlfriend or changing a date into a girlfriend? Maybe it is some type of dating etiquette thing that I never heard of.

A good friend of mine does this constantly and he realizes it, he admits that he shouldn’t do that. In fact I think he loses them for seeming to be like such a pushover at times. Then he wonders why they don’t return his calls after, or why he loses them.

I said why not be natural and leave the phone on, if your busy just answer and say i’ll call you later. I think the women will respect men more for having a life besides them. Being such a pushover never works in the long run.

When is the right time to put your woman up on a pedestal and how?