Professional Daters

You might ask yourself what is a professional dater. No they are not prostitutes, in fact you would probably be better off going out with a prostitute for the night than one of these professional dater. Professional daters have been around for a long time, there are wide ranges of them in the United States as well as Colombia. Basically if you are a member of any of the dating sites, you will always notice a certain few girls that linger for months. Or let’s say you found a girlfriend and have left the dating site, then a year later after things didn’t work out and you go back. Sure enough a few will ring a bell that you remembered from the year prior. 

Basically these girls prey on nice guys for nights out. They are mostly hypocrites and usually are on the feminist side. They have no intentions of meeting a guy for a relationship. Once they see the guy is nice, they will take full advantage by recommending a dinner and picking the place. These scoundrel type women will do this at least once, twice or more a week, sometimes even use the same guy more than once if she can get away with it. By doing this she is able to experience the finer restaurants without touching her purse. She will continue this until you try for a little action. She will not give up any ass at all. So usually after 2 dates you will realize this girl is just wasting your time and money.

Some sites have the option of seeing the girls join date, if her join was over 6 months prior she is probably a pro serial dater.  Most girls that are average decent looking will get tons of emails daily from men, no shortage at all so realistically if a girl was serious she would easily find a guy in the first month or two sifting through up to 100 emails daily.

In Colombia, it’s a similar scenario where the girl has many men from all over the world contacting her prior to their trips. I have met girls in Colombia that have gone out with guys from all over the world for several years in a row. These are usually super attractive girls that are easy to spot online due to the time they have been enlisted on the site, some for several years. You have to ask yourself, what has this girl been doing for 2 years on a dating site, unless she is a prostitute. She is a girl that has no intentions of leaving her loved Colombia. She is just looking to have a good time as often as she can with foreign men. These men will take them out to the finest parts of Medellin, the best clubs and chances are she will most likely not put out at all. Some will go back to the hotel, but it’s typically not in the game plan for her.