Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

This list of questions to ask your boyfriend is for multiple purposes. Some are going to be just for fun, or to add some spice to your relationship, and others might be for the early stages of a relationship, the getting to know one another questions. We have tried to avoid the more difficult questions, we dont want this list to stir up any trouble!

As you build your repertoire, you may want to become a master! We can help with that too. Further on the page we call it the Master Class in knowing exactly what a man wants.

Lets start off with the Get to know him type questions to ask your boyfriend.

Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend Getting to Know Him

1. What is your full name? 
A bit of a boring one, but who knows, they could have a funny full name, it also shows a bit of trust by letting someone know your full name.

2.If you could go anywhere, where would it be?
Planning that first trip together already?

3.Whats your nickname?
Be prepared to have to give up one of your nicknames too!

4.What is your favorite book/color/movie/food/etc?
This is great for learning more about someone, finding common interests, or getting future gift ideas.

5. What is your idea of a good relationship?
This one could be troublesome if views clash, but it is best to find out early on in the relationship if that is the case.

6. Are you close with your family?
He might not have the same family background or values as you, but this isnt necessarily a bad thing. My partner was brought up by her grandparents and rarely speaks to her parents, whereas I am very close to mine, but it doesnt affect our relationship at all and she enjoys meeting my parents.

7. Where would you live if you could choose anywhere?
Planning your future already huh? This is a good question to ask though.

8. Do you play any sports?
Some guys like sports, some like computer games, some like both.

9. What is your dream job?
Personally I find dream and job to be opposing things.

10. Can you cook?
Sounds like you have that romantic Friday night planned, but which one of you is going to be the host?

11. What are your life goals?
It is pretty important to find out things like this early on, but sometimes it takes time to learn someones REAL goals. Be patient if this is the case.

12. What is your biggest fear?
Hopefully you arent both scared of spiders or there could be trouble.

13. What would you change about your life if you could change just one thing?
I think everyone has something they would change but it can be quite insightful to know what the number one thing would be.

14. What is your longest previous relationship?
Better hope it is longer than 2 weeks!

15. Do you normally date a certain type?
As long as you are that type you should be OK. I would say some guys definitely have a type and others dont, but it is usually more of a girl thing to go for a certain type.

Ok, and now for some more fun questions to ask your boyfriend! (Some of these might be considered a bit intimate, but we will keep it clean)

Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend Fun

1. Can you keep a secret?
Better check this one before you indulge him in too many secrets! (this goes for everybody)

2. What type of underwear do you wear?
There arent really that many different types for guysbut the boxer v briefs is the usual answer.

3. What clothes of mine turn you on the most?
This can let you choose whether or not you will wear it, blackmail time!

4. Tell me one of your sexual fantasies
He will probably say a threesome, but he might not.

5. What is your definition of intimate?
Probably something different from yours, but thats normal, guys and girls are from different planets remember.

6. What do you not like about me?
Well..maybe this one shouldnt be classed as a fun question.

7. How long does it take you to get ready?
He probably never timed himself, but however long it takes to put on a t-shirt and pull up some jeans..unless he puts product in his hair, in that case it probably takes him longer than you.

8. Would you rather stay in or go out?
For most people it actually depends on the situation, but it is always good to know these things. Follow this question up by asking what he would like to do when staying in or going out.

9.  What did you think when you first met me?
Here comes the cheesy line!

10. What would you do if one of my friends tried to hook up with you?
Dont get angry if he asks Which friend?

The list of questions to ask your boyfriend is endless really, but these ones should inspire you and make a good starting point for those times when you dont know what to say to one another. Having good questions to ask your boyfriend can help stir some passions between you. Generally, part of the ongoing fun of a relationship is learning more about each other as time goes by, so dont try to rush through this list.