Running Into Old Girlfriends in Medellin

The population seems to be increasing in high gear, I mean it must be true since not only is Medellin, Bogota and the other cities filled but now so is Orlando, so the Colombian population must be increasing. That being said it is not often you run into ex girlfriends around Medellin. In fact it is extremely rare, unless of coarse she is a prepago or a gold digger working the gringo ranks in the tourist driven areas such as Poblado. If that is the case, chances are you will catch her in one of the gringo loving restaurants such as Triada, Al Rojo, San Carbon or even at the Oviedo mall chewing on a great steak from llenos.

I miss those steak lunches at llenos after a cool club night of partying ending in a massive sex session. Waking up starving, throwing on some jeans, getting your chick out of bed and grabbing a cab straight over to Oviedo for sizzling steak cannot be beat. It’s funny how awesome a mall lunch could be, but it really is, plus checking the awesome scenery or what seems to be a never ending flow of new Paisa girls in the low to mid 20s just everywhere and looking beautiful. No wonder all of these guys just pack up and stay over there with a compulsive decision based solely on that. Cannot blame them. For those of us that have done it, there is no denying that you will most likely have gone out with the hottest girls you will ever go out with in your life.

On a recent flight over to Medellin, I was walking in one of the malls and inside one of the stores I look over and notice this girl immediately. It was one of the first girls that I had dated in Medellin when she was 19, she was pretty hot at 19, but not amazing like some of the other girls I dated. Running into her 6 years later she looked like a new woman, it was night and day difference. It is almost as if from the age 19 to 26 the look changes and they get this more refined look. In her case everything changed. This is a recent pic of her.

I chose not to speak with her as I with someone else. But we both knew who we were and left it at that. It is strange that in the States I often run into people from years earlier, but hardly ever in Colombia. In fact I think that was the first time. Perhaps they don’t get out often or just do not frequent the places that you go. They stay pretty close to the home barrios.

The fact that you do not run into them works in your favor when trying to find a wife. It gives you the opportunity to date several in the same week without worry that you will run into the one that may or may not be on your favorite list which is imperative when you spend thousands of dollars to do one week getaways for a wife search.