Several Tips To Tell if Your Woman is A Prostitute

One of the most common problems when dating foreign girls is the fact that many of the same women that are prostitutes also work the dating scene. They are on the dating sites to no end, they used to be in the marriage agencies until they mostly all closed down in 2012. They are out in the clubs and to be honest it is very tough for the average guy to know when she is a prostitute or not.

We have this American mentality of what a prostitute or call girl is, some of our thoughts are she is a high priced escort so she will never be around here anyways and certainly not for free. Or you might have the perception of the cracked out whores on the streets, or maybe the titty dancer that work as prostitutes or solicit prostitution inside the dance clubs, whatever we think, it is not how it works in other cultures, especially developing nations. In the beginning I really didn’t know either, it’s just after living there so long girls begin to open up to you, you hear from friends of friends, they talk about meeting guys in fincas for weekends and talk about money made. Things that would make your head spin. But to them it is just an extra buck here and there. In fact many times you will find one that might do it once or twice, getting enticed by a friend of hers to go one night. If this is the case is she still a prostitute? I think so, but those are the hardest ones to ever figure out and you probably will never know.

Many times women you would never think in a million years are prostitutes really are. You see they live home with mom, they go to college, they seem normal, everything seems just as it would if you started dating a local woman you met in the states.

A few dead giveaways to tell if she is hooking on the side.

  • A girl that carries lube in her purse, or when you are having sex with her, her pussy is dry. This could be due to contraception like the pill, but very doubtful. Normally a dry pussy= a big prostitute
  • Higher education in a private university but family is dead broke and she is not on scholarship, you have to ask yourself who the hell is paying that few grand every semester. Unless she has a few gringo suckers flippin the bill through western union and today I seriously wouldn’t doubt it, lots of ignorance in online dating coming from the West.
  • She has a friend or cousin that is much more obvious and she is very close with her. As the saying goes: You are who your friends are.
  • High end clothes, hundred dollar SF jeans. Oh my mom got me these for my birthday. She wears gifts that gringos get her in the malls, more common in GFE’s.GFE=Prostitute but more on a weekly trade off or weekly allowance system.
  • She may carry or has stuff from Europe, maybe Euro perfume that isn’t sold in Colombia. ( I ran into this once or twice)
  • She has a Panama, Costa Rica, Japanese or Spain stamp in her passport, or even has a passport already, not always but might be a sign.
  • She speaks Japanese, back 7 years ago, I met several that speak a little Japanese.
  • Carries two cell phones or leaves cell phone OFF when you are visiting.
  • Doesn’t give out home phone number, only cellular.
  • She recommends high end hotels and is familiar with some of the hotels in her city. Ask her how the rooms are if the question has a place.
  • Knows certain English phrases but never attended English school or phrases that are not taught at school or real slang phrases that only gringos would know.

I winged it so surely I am missing a few good ones, feel free to comment if you happen to remember a good one. Also important to remember that many of them may not do things on the list, so you still may not be safe. Another thing to consider is she might just be cheating and not a prostitute. Cheating is also a common occurrence and a problem with long distance dating.