Some Men Just Continually Make Poor Decisions With Dating

Some guys just insist on getting abused and make poor decisions over and over again. Not all, but some and a few in particular are good friends of mine and it seems that no matter what you tell them or what advice you give them, its as if it goes in one ear and out another. The crazy part of it is is that they long for that very same life you sport but yet do not take the advice to get it.

Over the last few years when I started consulting and helping many men with their journeys to find decent women throughout South America, mostly Colombia and the DR. It has worked well for many but there will always be those that can do no wrong. Why seek advice to begin with if you are just not going to listen? Beats the shit out of me. When I started going to South America around 10 years ago, there was no such advice like this at all, you had to learn the hard way which can take years in itself. If unable to take advice and actually use it, be prepared to spend at least 3 years of alot of wasting time to figure out what is what with these girls. It’s simply not the same as the USA and anyone who thinks it is even a glimpse of the same is wrong. There are just too many variables to list in one post to be able to explain the real differences, to me some guys are just born to get abused when it comes to women. They make poor decision after poor decision and its a never ending cycle. They are just wired that way I guess.

I don’t understand why if you are talking to a guy that has been through it all in that culture and actually submersed himself into that culture, literally dated hundreds of those women, more then a few long term, has done over 3 visas personally. Has over 10 friends that have also gotten married with Latin women from Medellin or Bogota, some good some bad. Would’t you listen to that person. Or would you listen to that person, take all the advice and then some other guy comes along that has just recently been in Colombia and change your entire mind on what is right and what is right and what is wrong in Medellin. While it seems very strange to me how people think, it clearly comes to my mind that some guys are just born to be abused by women and it most likely will never change.

If you wanted to invest all your cash in the market, would you listen to a guy that has been through it all and now constantly earns in excess of 10% yearly or would you go with the brand new fast talking salesman that’s been in the game for 2 years to invest in your future? Lets say the guy with all the experience is giving you advice, then this fast talking broker comes along and tells you a few things, which way do you go?

It’s just like some guys feel the need to use cash to their advantage or to use other sorts of possessions to their there advantage with women, I have come to the conclusion that you cannot take these insecure habits from them, and they will just continue to find whores and girls that just couldn’t give a shit about them. It’s like the guy that thinks with a Porsche he will get more women, while this is true what this guy forgot to think about was the quality of woman. Was this guy just going on a fuck spree, maybe and that works but this story is about those guys looking for long term relationships. You do not need to put on a show or let your dates know how much money you make or how successful you are. If you need to do that to make yourself feel more secure about dating a beautiful girl, my recommendation is some sessions with the local shrink.

Any guy that says they go to Medellin for anything other then pussy is plain and simple full of shit unless they are gay. Yes they may get into other things while there, or they might have gone because there company sent them. Even if that is the case, it cracks me up to hear that guys are saying they went for the views and the weather, give me a fucking break . Hundreds of men in there 40’s are showing up daily to Medellin and they are going for the amazing weather or all the things to do. While there are some things to do, not many. These guys are going to meet women, and the majority will get abused over and over until maybe someday one of these manipulators takes them too far and they suddenly realize wow all of these girls that I have met so far in Poblado have been like that. Or wow did this girl really get that much cash out of me in the last 6 months. Or holy shit, I didn’t know my girl was fucking those guys from Germany, Holland and Canada too while I was away. I would say less then 10% go for anything other then women.

Wake up guys stop being idiots with women in Medellin, you make our culture look ridiculous and stupid. More so you waste your valuable time on un deserved cunts and ruin a good thing for the rest of the world that want to meet good women.