The Best Part of Long Distance Online Dating That You Don’t Get With Locals

While the beginning of the search sucks usually as it becomes very time consuming especially for those that are impatient when it involves dating. This society has become very a very compulsive one with less patience and that adds to the down sides of meeting women online that live far away.

How bad could meeting women online be?

While the downsides are bad, it is usually at least a month before you will even meet her, sometimes much longer as some men like to begin the search far in advance before taking the actual flight. Just like waiting for the visa to get approved for her to be with you in marriage later, there is little difference except this time the flight plans are in your hands. So the quicker you can get there, the quicker the bad side effects end and the actual physical dating begins.

So what do we do while playing the online field and working with responses? You begin chatting with the decent ones to get to know them better, you weed out the bad ones as quick as possible and while you never really stop looking you do tend to spend extra time with the really good one or two that you’ve pin pointed so far.

Tip: Never remove your profile for a jealous type that asks you to do so while you are in the vetting phase. She will claim she has but in reality she is just going through her thousand e-mails that she had received or she already has 8 of you lined up. Do not play this game, leave the profile up until you meet in person.

You begin chatting, turning on each others cams, possible mutual masturbation, going through some of the serious questions that you should be getting to rather quickly as time is money and really getting to know one another on all scales besides physical. The long distance online dating becomes better as you look forward to the chat sessions that will happen later that night usually. You will learn if she is punctual or a flake if she doesn’t show up without leaving you a note. These are not dates but rather they should be natural meets online because you both are moving closer to full fledge relationship hopefully. These should not be one sided, I’m a fool type things, if they are just walk away. Always remember that there are unlimited amounts of women available so even if she is hot, if she is an asshole in any way at all, no crying, no making excuses, just very simply walk away.

Making long distance dating fun

There are certain things that we can do with meeting women far away then what we can do with meeting women on dating sites locally. After spending a few weeks talking on the phone, chatting, mutual masturbation or whatever it is you’ve done together in that time, surely she is beyond the point of having sex with you. Remember, this isn’t America where women have become in constant war with men or think they are simply too good for you. This is the land of simplicity, of average Joe’s dating 8’s, 9’s and even 10’s that have a stark difference in thought process and enjoy fun just as much as you do. In other words, keep the game in America because really it’s not needed.

Since you have become so close and you want to add a memorable moment to the meet up, perhaps instead of her meeting you at the airport, have her meet you at the room, lights out and without saying a word, just give you a welcoming bienvenidos blow job. She will accept this invitation because at this point she is probably already telling you, te quiero, te amo or she just feels that the time to have sex has been far passed during the first week of online chat or phone calls.

Personally I am a huge fan of spontaneous sex like this because aside from being exciting, it creates a everlasting memory in the relationship that should you marry, you will always have that first sexual memory.  It doesn’t have to be a blow job, it could be a be she slips under the covers nude with you without even seeing your face physically as the lights are out and the two of you bang like hell for an hour in the dark. This is by far the best ice breaker you can have, it removes all the sexual frustrations you have had while doing the chat thing for who knows how long and it creates the best memory possible that would never happen between you an a local date.

If she does meet you at the airport which I have done often, it takes a slight edge off of the true spontaneous moment as the excitement of not yet seeing her real face but instead feeling her in the dark. You can do this as soon as you arrive in the room together, but it may not qualify for a great memory moment. How many times have you had normal date sex and it is not memorable, its just like yeah after the second or third date we banged and it was OK.

However, how many times can you say that you arrived in Bogota or Medellin 8pm got to the hotel at 9pm and left to room cracked or told the bellman to let her in, she walks in and undresses and immediately gives you head and you smell the perfume, you feel the soft hair and even though the blow job might not be world class, it will no doubt lead to a memory that will be cherished through out the days.

So when you are flying in next time, ask your online women to do that with you and believe me, the adventure from it alone will make her wet. She will possibly laugh at first, but if you insist you are serious and explain that you want this memory to last rather then just a normal after date thing, she will agree. Don’t start making excuses oh she is a good girl, she won’t do that. They all will do that after spending 2 weeks with you on the phone and chat, professional, money, business lady, college student, you name it they will usually agree to this and love it.

In fact it will give you big bonus points as the other hundred men she has spoken to from online dating have probably not asked her the same. Why haven’t they asked? Because western society today dictates differently, western society today tells you this is degrading to women some way or another but in reality this is purely natural. They will find it very adventurous and creative and want in to the memory as well.

There you go, while long distance online dating can be a drag, with a little creativity you can make it a fun experience that the both of you will enjoy. After you both have came, turn on the lights and have a nice talk and the ice will have been broken, making everything go much smoother and real.