The Future of Masculinity

The subject of the future of masculinity has come around and is starting to hit to the mainstream as we speak, however many people may not truly understand the full intentions. It is a strange subject to think about and I thought that something like this was better suited for another one of my sites called Chaoticness but then again as it clearly affects dating, reproduction and marriage why not post it right here.

Conspiracy theorists are everywhere

So I am at the gym training and suddenly this guy says hello as he walks by and I think alright its normal a quick hello to a fellow gym rat. I complete my set, get up and the guy is pretty close so he starts mentioning out of the blue “hey have you noticed the changes from the 90’s music to today’s music.” I said what do you mean? At the same time I am thinking OK here is just some other freak in the neighborhood gym as over the years in the gym you see it all. Men staring at men, guys hitting on chicks, personal trainers banging married women in the parking lots, and regular guys going to stay fit or build muscle. In other words basically anyone and everyone goes to the gym and some for different reasons, perhaps more of a social type deal.

However in this day and age almost 6 years into a massive government building strategy with heavy changes taking affect, a government that is clearly changing the fundamentals of this great country by imposing massive regulations, by mandating a healthcare system against the will of the majority, by telling homosexuals and immigrants the changes they will make to empower them, by calling any non believers racists and the list goes on and on. It is now very obvious the goal is to fundamentally change the people of this country in order to impose these ideological changes that are occurring right before our eyes in a massive unlike ever before seen taking place kind of way.

Where does the future really go

With this being done and hammered daily into the heads of normal people, many more conspiracy theorists arise and in all honestly you can’t really blame them as what is happening is quite confusing and at lighting speed. The left has some strong think tanks in the circle working full time on this so it’s tough for the average person to really see what is happening, hence conservatives.

So this guy continues speaking to me as I train and he goes on to say, don’t you see the music is getting much more feminine? I thought for moment I really have not noticed that but it could be true. He said just think about music in the 90’s in comparison to today’s much more toned down music. So I said OK and what’s the point? He said well they are little by little making men more subservient. They are making men more feminine.

I think, wow how strange is that, that I just did that article on women driving much more aggressively than men across the board which I am still having a hard time understanding why. He goes on to say look at gay marriage, stronger feminism, more singles, crazy confused youth and a slew of other indications of what he was saying is actually somewhat relevant. A much more feminine society to say the least.

I asked if he had any idea what would be the reason for this? He replied to make men less confrontational, to agree to more changes that will eventually take affect instead of fighting. If this massive fight can gain control of our most masculine humans it will eventually get what it wants. So I’m thinking OK this guy has a fairly decent conspiracy theory that is actually somewhat believable.

That very same evening, I get home and turn on the news and see that a new bill has hit the Military to force male Marines to wear a female hat, using the argument of costs are less, however the truth is there is only a very small percentage of females in the Marines and those that are do not want the men to wear their very feminine hats. Later that next day I am speaking to this woman that I know and mention this to her and she replies having been married to foreign male that in general foreign men are much more feminine than American men and as more foreign men arrive in the United States it creates a much more feminine country as a whole. They dress more feminine, they act more feminine, they elect female leaders such as in Brazil, Panama, South Korea, Serbia, Switzerland, Chile, I believe Argentina at one point or another. Nothing against these female leaders but it does mean that ideologically they lean more feminine in many cases and men look for female leadership.

Could this be a true conspiracy theory? is this really happening in our country? Are men becoming less men? Could this be the issue with compatibility in relationships, are women really getting stronger or are men being demasculinized.