The Search For A Colombian Wife

A comment was posted recently in regards to finding a possible Colombian wife that is looking to leave her country. In the recent years it has been a debatable subject that a very high percentage of women are now opting to stay in Colombia. This could be from many factors, it could be the most obvious being the economy is bad in the U.S. which is not such a bad thing because that most likely eliminates several gold diggers.

It’s funny but after paying attention to where Colombian women are going for several years, you notice that it fluctuates heavily by economies. A few years back before Spain fell off the map with the worst economy it has seen ever or at least in decades, it used to be a highly movable place for Colombian wives. This could also be the fact that more men from Spain visited and married them and took them home. Another factor is the visa for Colombians going to Spain is much easier to come by than a US visa.

I noticed no matter where in Colombia I was, I would always either know a girl that was dating a German guy or a friend of hers was either married or dating a German guy. I used to hear Alemania all the time before I spoke Spanish and thought that must be Holland or something, than I realized it was Germany. Lot’s of Colombian girls go to Germany. I guess German men really dislike German women, or the German women are too busy getting Dominican cock on the beach at Boca Chica where you always can find them. Come to think of it, my condo communist leader is from Germany and if the women are anything like that demon, I too would run for the South American option.

With all that said, while searching it is always better to try and find one that is not actively looking to leave her country. That is not specifically looking for a gringo or an Alemanian. Usually when they are looking to leave, they usually know where they want to leave to and more than likely it is for a solid reason. In fact when you begin discussions with a girl like that, its better to ask if she has friends or family in that area and 9 out of 10 she will.

This girl is looking to exchange some ass for a visa and flight. A small paper such as a marriage will not get in her way as she knows the outcome can only favor her.

It is important to find a girl that is looking for perhaps someone local. A girl that has no intentions of leaving, a girl that if she falls for you, you just know that she would go anywhere. It’s not that hard to tell one of these from the ultra feminist that is 30 and puts a high age of 32 on her profile for people she would like to meet. After speaking to her for a while, you should know the type.

I think finding a Colombian wife that wants to leave her country is looking for problems right from the start.