The Wedding Surprise in Colombia

It was not a regular day in Colombia, it was a fourth or fifth trip and it was an important trip. It was a trip that was planned for several years prior that finally had come to fruition. It was a long awaited move away from American single hood, it was a move away from dozens of beautiful women in Colombia over the last several years and morning has finally arrived as the suit hangs in the hotel closet for the wedding day.

It was a wedding to take place in Medellin, it was planned for about 4 months and the engagement was around the same time, but the dating had commenced 8 months prior.

A look back at the Colombian dating scenario

No question, the dating scene had its up and downs, one of the biggest obstacles was that something was really bothersome with each girlfriend. It was a gut feeling that it just wasn’t right. Beauty was not an issue, the pussy was there, in fact another huge issue was right after I started seeing one girl another came along that felt better than the last and this cycle seemed to never end. It was almost as if it was a sign to move on and finally this one came around that was just ultra cute, had a super smile and funny personality. We really got along great and what seemed to be better than all the rest since the dating commenced. Don’t get me wrong, there were nights we were together when I just had that super gut feeling to walk away. However the pure cuteness, the innocence and the laughter kept me on that line.

I got engaged to a Colombian girl

The time had come and I just felt that the girls wouldn’t get any better that this. I got engaged and we set a date and made the decision to get married in Medellin. The date was a while away so as I was in Colombia I continued to meet and talk with other women. Yes, it was cheating but like I said, it was not perfectly right and I had to get to the bottom of what the real issue was so I figured if I continued to date other girls I would perhaps learn more about this very different culture. I found it amazing that even after dating 30 girls, the issue had to be deep seeded. It was a major cultural clash is what it was but I was convinced that it couldn’t be all Colombia women. I made a decision to not be faithful until we actually got married and that is how it went.

Soon before the wedding

The wedding was creeping closer and to be honest, I still wasn’t completely convinced I was making the right decision. There was just things that would make my gut hurt, no cheating or prostitution thoughts or anything like that. Even though I continued dating and met several very interesting women moving closer towards wedding time, I continued on with the relationship as the plan went. The whole reason I got engaged to begin with was the fact that I was sick of dating so much and wanted to find a great girl to take back to the USA with me and start a family. So while all this is fun and the experiences are amazing, it still got old and it was time to tie the knot.

It was about 3 days before the wedding and I met with a friend for lunch. He had a cousin with him who happened to be this very attractive tall 5′ 9″ girl around 24 years old. We sat and talked for the lunch and even after. I got along great with his cousin, we sat, laughed and enjoyed the lunch very much. We talked about my upcoming wedding that was happening this coming Saturday. We talked about my fiance and life in America.

The morning of the wedding has arrived

The morning of the wedding was here, I awoke alone and sat up in the bed turned on the TV and less than 10 minutes passed and the phone rings to the room telling me that my friend was on her way up. I thought my friend…. Who the hell was that! The subtle knock at the door happens and I walk over and it is the cousin of the guy that I had lunch with a couple days prior. I open the door and she comes in. It was early and my ride for the wedding was not until later in the afternoon as the wedding was an evening wedding and ceremony all together. We sat on the side of the bed and I asked her what’s up. She said that she had been thinking and couldn’t resist talking to me once more before I got married. She moved in for a kiss that seemed to last for 20 solid minutes. It was an awesome kiss and kind of felt like she was simultaneously sucking my lip and her tongue tasted beautiful. She was a clean beautiful looking 24 year old Colombian girl, in fact much prettier than most of the girls I had dated over the many months of dating.

As we kissed on the bed, the thought of my wedding seemed to flash through my mind as I was being seduced in my hotel bed on my wedding day. As the kissing commenced, I slipped her out of her shirt where she stood with very small tits and stood her up to get rid of those jeans and panties at the same time. She was naked on the side of my bed and the kissing continued, what was strange was that I was actually worried that my lip would be swollen as she sucked it so hard. It was the first time I had felt kissing quite like that. I start to lay her on the bed and she rolls over once in which i see this perfect naked ass in front of me and I go down on this super clean, ultra fit babe and still can’t believe what is going on and even more what day it was. She squirmed and moaned and wanted to kiss again so she pulled me up and started sucking on my lips again and I began plowing her, and while surely it was the ultra sin, it was nothing short of amazing.

This play continued for the next hour or so, soaked in sweat two loads and a few face slaps with the little head later we are laying side by side and she begins to ask me if I am actually getting married, I said that I am almost reluctantly. She asked me how I felt about what just happened and I said amazing, shocked. She began kissing me again, she loved to kiss more than any other girl I have ever dated. She was like a kissing machine.

She asked me how I would feel if she should go to the wedding, i said I really don’t think that is a good idea. She asked me to cancel the wedding to go out with her. Talk about a curve ball on a big day. The worst part is that I actually almost considered walking away from my wedding. Had I not had the major gut feelings I would never have even considered this and probably this session would not have happened. It was a temptation like no other and very hard to resist. Also just the thought of having sex on a wedding morning with a strange girl is whacked but whatever, this is Colombia and the girls do much worse to us.

Just 6 hours later, the wedding moved forward and we were married. The next post we will discuss the actual marriage with this girl and what happened.