Thoughts on Group Introductions and Dating Events

The thought of group introductions being in a party setting with a hundred different women, how bad could that be. It sounds really good and it sounded good to me too years ago as it really flourished. I remember watching videos of 10 to 12 guys in a room full of 100 beautiful Ukrainian women and thought holy shit that must be amazing and it probably was for those men. Those menprobably never even sat next to a beautiful woman like that in their lives so crazy to think they sat next to 10 that night.

Surely these guys were balls deep in a beautiful woman each of those nights and if I had to guess in most cases it was the first girl that wouldn’t let them go. These women do these dating events often and they know far too well that when the guy is gone he is gone into the crowd probably forever. They will work their magic to keep that guy right next to them the entire night.

The good and bad on dating events

The cons of dating events:

I have learned over the years the main reasons why these events are no good for men serious about meeting wives. Some could argue, especially those that have these actual events but I have strong feelings as to why they are no good and after seeing the results for so long, it becomes obvious there is an issue.

To start with a guy gets overwhelmed immediately, too much going on. Nobody is real, these girls if not already professional daters, showing up at each and event or social begin to learn all about gringos and the reactions they have to certain things, they learn to get you right there. They learn what you want to hear, they know what you are looking for, they know you are horny and that you probably hadn’t had a piece of ass in a while, they know you spent over a g note in order to do the social to begin with. Also there is probably only a handful of men in which they studied each ones profile prior to going. So they already know you and about you in most cases.

That’s allot of intel they have a guy as soon as he walks in. More intel than what I would want for a potential wife to have on me personally upon first meet. It clogs reality and pressures everyone to make correct moves. It makes the girls super fake and in full manipulation mode. You will never learn the truth about a girl at a social. That girl is much different in real life.

Secondly the vulnerability of men from the USA trying to be that gentleman. This type of gentleman thing is very tough to break through that culture and seen as an open ticket to abuse by these professionals. Men that use the gentleman thing that has been learned over the years in a USA situation get slaughtered. In fact I would go as far to say they will have a very small chance of meeting a good Colombian woman as the outer layer of bad women will engulf them. Dating in foreign cultures is no time to show the gentleman like thing that we learned so much over the years. These girls must snap out of that “take full advantage mode” and there are a few ways to do that.

  • Make out with another chick while you are talking to her. This lets her know you cannot be controlled or ruled by her manipulations or cock grabs under the table.
  • While in conversation, take a walk to the bathroom and begin chatting up another one on the way and stay there for a while. Leave the first one waiting.
  • I could probably think of a thousand things to do, no it’s not being dick. Its marking the territory, letting it be known that you will not be taken advantage of and that you are in fact a man. Grab another chick and suck face with her, who gives a shit. Will she be hurt about it? No, she will be shocked and immediately realize holy shit, did he just do that.

A huge problem today is that men do not see woman as powerful as they are. Men to this day continue to feed into the bullshit and put them far up on pedestals. When in reality they are fully in charge and abusive, they take full advantage of the desperate man, they take advantage of the lack of pussy. They know exactly what they are doing and you men continue to allow that to happen and end up in highly problematic relationships or one sided relationships. Don’t be a “gentleman” (pussy) in foreign dating. You better realize real quick that these are piranha and will eat you alive as you are.

Another bad thing about dating socials is that if you went from table to table and met all the girls you have hardly enough time to really get to know each girl and make solid decisions. This is not speed dating in the USA where you meet booty calls in a minute or under. I mean it can’t possibly be for anything else. Under a minute doesn’t even allow time for the aura’s to match.

The good about social dating events

It’s not all bad but it does become very expensive for mass introductions for what they are worth. How do you how many introductions the girl you are speaking to went to that year or how many years she has been going. How do you know how many foreign cocks she has sucked over the time she has been going to these introductions? Very hard to tell. Although her friends will rat on her as they do that often in collective cultures.

  • It gives an opportunity to break the ice with a culture you know nothing about. To meet up close and personal what these girls are like. Probably gives you a chance to get laid much faster than what you would have dating one at a time.
  • It is good for those that are on the insecure side, allows for them to go with friends rather than one on one. Perhaps those struggling with language issues allows for translations with the in house translator.
  • It allows for men to quickly see how manipulation works if they allow the big head to actually think clearly while surrounded with women.

When people e-mail us and ask us about these socials, these are basically my thoughts on them. I stay strong on the traditional cupid sites and spending time up front getting to know them before the trip.