Top 10 Spontaneous Sexual Moments

While in Colombia, Dominican Republic or even the United States, some of the most fun and memorable moments are those that are spontaneous. Personally I enjoy doing spontaneous things. For example due to my work, whenever I travel it’s usually on a whim or a couple days notice. Sometimes deciding to go out to certain restaurants will almost always be spontaneous. Even some of my good friends will fly into Tampa, FL from NYC every few months on a whim to go eat in Tampa with me. I usually know only a few hours ahead of time or sometimes when they landed. For many of us it becomes a part of life since planning out smaller things such as trips, or dates can become a hassle or always interrupted.

Being spontaneous also has its much higher level of mystery and fun, especially with women. It is a similar feeling to some of the previous posts I have written about euphoric moments that always make for the most memorable experiences. For me, even when I just started dating in NY, I always preferred to ask a girl out for that very same night and believe it or not, many girls prefer this mode as well. It might not seem that way but girls love the element of those spontaneous moments just as much as we do.

It never seized to amaze me on how open women were and how willing they were to do crazy shit on a whim just like men are including wild sexual moments. Those moments intensified as the time knowing each other was shorter. For me some of those moments were as follows in no particular order as they are all awesome times:

  1. Meeting a girl working in the mall in Pereira, asking her out that night, she comes over just a couple hours later and is ok with banging prior to leaving to go out.
  2. Buying a hot girl a drink at Charlies in Tampa and she agrees to sit and eat with you and your friends, ok with some play right at the table, then wants to bang in the hotel next door.
  3. Driving on the highway, making eye contact with a girl driving in the next lane and getting her number through hand signals. Calling right there and then stopping for lunch and a quickie close by.
  4. Staying at a hotel on la 70 in Medellin, a girl comes into the wrong room but isn’t quick to leave. Is ok to make out and leave her number for more on the next visit.
  5. On the beach at Boca Chica, Dominican Republic, meeting a Dominican girl from NYC that worked in Macy’s on the beach vacationing that is OK with getting banged under water only 30 minutes after meeting. Very exciting moment, that night she drove over to the hotel in Santo Domingo to go out as well.
  6. Eating dinner with friends and several hot babes in Tampa from Orlando, one of which worked at a hotel in Disney. When she left the restaurant, she also left her wallet. I called her and told her that I would be leaving to Orlando in 2 hours after the martinis wore off. She mentioned to wait at my place so I told her where and how to get in and she waited in the bed. Amazing spontaneous moment walking into the bedroom at 4am with that hot blonde in panties in the bed. She was one of the hottest girls I was ever with (an American).
  7. In Medellin with my buddy both with first dates, mine met in front of the hotel and we went to pick his up in the apartments in Via Las Palmas. he went inside, while my date and I waited outside. She decided to blow me in the breezeway right around the corner from her door. Super exciting getting head on a spontaneous whim before dinner.
  8. Meeting an Argentinian girl bar tender and she agrees to go home with me after the shift. Once in the car on the road she strips and throws her clothes out the window until fully nude. Awesome time, turned into a regular thing for us lasting a couple months.
  9. Driving from NYC to Florida, meeting a girl online prior to driving that is flying from Seattle to Washington DC, asked if I could meet her at the airport and she could drive with me for the night. I agreed and was pleasantly surprised how hot this girl was. We had a great time and stayed in touch.
  10. In Medellin, renting an apartment and the maid of the landlord comes up to show you the place but really wants to play.

While these are all kind of slutty type moments, the same goes true for many girlfriends, they normally initiated on a spontaneous date, maybe not sexual but at least a same day date. Some of these moments were very memorable, surely for the girl as well. In my experience women love being spontaneous and I also find that when you plan a date too far away it usually ends up shitty or canceled. I figure it is probably some other guy asking her spontaneously and she chose that route instead if the planned date is canceled. Strangely enough but seems to be true.