Typical Saturday Date Night in Colombia

It was a Saturday night in Pereira and I was waiting for this girl I had met online weeks earlier to show up and and come out with us. It was a gamble because I had never met this girl in person before and so many things can and will go wrong when dating in Colombia. I gave her the benefit of the doubt as she was absolutely stunning in her pictures and I had her turn on the cam as well. I know cams can be deceiving but this girl was just physically too good looking to be fat.

I was in the house with Luis, and the girl that lived in the house with me as well as a friend of hers. I invited them all to come out with us as to me its much more fun bring the crowd along. I still had not showered yet and the doorbell rings. The girl that lives there opens the door and lets her in, I walk over and invite her back to my room as I get ready. In some cases usually you can catch a nice quickie before exiting the house but as soon as we met I felt the wrong kind of energy to even ask. She sat on my floor mattress and I proceeded to grab a towel and jump in the shower which was across the hall from my door. The shower was ice cold that I was used to by now. It was the same shower that has a street level small basement type window with only a couple of bars. If you leave shampoo or liquid soap on the sill it will surely be gone the next day, nothing is safe in Colombia.

I dry off and go back in the room with my towel on. She is sitting there looking so hot with one of those low cut black silky shirts with half of her natural tit was out. Just the thought was enough to get some blood pumping but still no chemistry, no smiles, just seemed dry, much drier than I liked. I am thinking shit, what a waste of a Saturday night on this girl, but oh well lets head out and make the best of it. At least Luis and the two other chicks will be there.

It’s around 10pm at this point so we head out over to Cafetal in DosQuabradas. We walk in and ask for a table in the back up against the back glass wall overlooking the entire Pereira, really a nice place. Everywhere you look is one chick hotter than the other. Most with boyfriends and always a few girl only tables. I order a large bottle of Cuervo Gold and some salt and lime and 6 waters. Sometimes we go with Vodka and other times Cuervo and those Cuervo nights are much more intense with tough mornings. The girls are happy, Luis is ecstatic he is back on the booze, so happy in fact he orders some beers to go with the tequilla shots. Looking back at his violent tendencies, I really don’t know how this guy made it out of places like Cafetal alive all those nights. I guess even a violent drunk knows his limits. Perhaps it was because he really didn’t get violent until the booze was gone.

The shots start flowing and around number three, i start feeling that buzz. My date is right next to me, but so dry that it was almost as if she wasn’t even there. She had little to say. It was clear she didn’t like me or she realized real quick that with me, she would get a good night out but there would be no handouts. These operators can catch on to that immediately when they see who you are hanging out with or notice your actions and the way you converse. She knew I was no newbie to her country as soon as she walked into the house.

It was clear that if I kept trying to get her interested the entire night would be depressing. Luis actually asked me what was going on with her and I told him, she was not interested. At this point we are on around shot number 7 and buzzing heavily. Luis immediately gets up and walks over to a table nearby. he brings a girl over to do a shot with us. Most cases a Colombian man will cock block you automatically. They do not like when foreign men go out with the locals, in some cases they will use you to get the ass themselves. Luis however was different when it came to women. His big problem in life was not ass but rather booze, he could have been a closet queer, we really don’t know. I have spoken to my girlfriend from Medellin about it and she couldn’t figure it out either. Whatever it was, he was one guy that you could actually almost trust being around your girlfriend alone in Colombia.

Now I am sitting with the motive girl on my left, Luis brings the new girl and she sits in my lap to do the shot. I noticed how good she smelled and looked awesome. So immediately after the shot we start making out. I just moved in with the kiss and she obliged. I was so buzzed that i didn’t even know if she came from a table with guys or what. My date starts talking to the girl that lives with me, she wanted out but I really didn’t give a shit. After the shot and make out session the girl goes back to her table. We are all still having a great time around 20 minutes pass and my date tells the others at the table she was leaving. She grabs her jacket and goes, I was surprised she stayed so long, especially after the make out session with the girl from a few tables over.

Now it is me, Luis, and the two other girls. The girl that lives with me is a super nice girl but not my type at all. we stayed friends only. I dance a little with her and her friend who is this on the short side blonde chick around 22. I had seen her before and asked my roommate about her but never followed through. At this point we are all seeing double and Luis starts to pass out at the table. After a few more laughs and about half way through the second large bottle of Cuervo Gold, its around 4am and we decide to go. I grab Luis and sort of carry him out, he became partially awake as I lifted him so he was able to walk slightly. The two girls followed and we piled into the cab.

There is this place kind of like an outdoor diner down the road and we stop for some costillas, papas fritas y 3 gaseosas de manzana, love those apple sodas. The food straightens out my vision slightly, I am pretty sure the girls are fucked up as well. We all get home and I go into my room and around 5 minutes later the friend of my roommate comes in my room and lays down in her panties on my mattress. She starts to kiss me, clearly very horny and assumes doggy style position and I did my best after all that tequilla. When I finished, she layed there for a few minutes and got up and went back to my roommates room. I often wonder if she told the roommate she was going to the bathroom. All in all it was a nice surprise on a bad date night, overall the night went pretty well and we all had a good time. It is clearly a better move to stick with the original plans of always meeting girls first before booking weekend night dates with them while in Colombia. It’s almost like telling yourself you will never date a girl with kids, then suddenly your infatuated with a girl with a kid.