Why Are 30 Plus Single American Women So Determined To Find Money Husbands

Its crazy every single time I hear an American guy who is trying to effectively date Colombian women have to mention money this or money that. It is such an insecure thing to do that even the girl listening to this shit begins to realize that is the only thing this guy has to offer. While this may not be true, it certainly leaves the impression Ok I cannot get this girl normally because she is so hot, or she is so much younger or my dating strategies suck so I will steamroll my way through and try to coerce her with my money. After some time in South America men young or old will begin to see that the right girls or the simple girls that could give a shit about your income level, they already know you are there and that logically must mean that you have at least a job.

Why does this happen? It seems to me that after dating women in the States or attempting to date women in the states all they seem to care about after a certain age of around 30 is the income levels. I ask myself why and all I can think of is the fact they are failures so they are attempting to use whatever looks they have left in an effort to secure money by way of an insecure man willing to pay for a wife. Nothing wrong with having money and buying your wife things, but using that as dating advantage is just sick. Imagine pounding your wife from behind and thinking about how much the SUV or whatever other bitchy things she was she forced you to buy, not the gift you decided to give her for being the greatest wife ever. Is it her fault? Yes and no. It is her and a million other women for being programmed to seek money at every turn. It is the guys fault for accepting this sick behavior due to lack of self confidence. Maybe its the moms fault for telling her through her childhood to make sure she marries a guy with money. I do understand the thought of marrying educated or at least someone in the same planet thought wise.

This type of behavior begins to get imprinted on the minds of the people, guys with little money begin to think they don’t have a shot with the hot looking babe working down the street. They don’t even try, they just say oh no, she is 28 and i’m 40 plus or she is looking for the millionaire guys around here. From this sickness sprouts TV shows such as Millionaire Matchmaker or websites like Sugardaddy this or that.

This mentality is flourishing and these guys begin to spread this shit into Colombia and other areas essentially creating a new mentality on these girls as well. It doesn’t get asked, it just comes out in an effort to secure the girl. Oh yeah, let me tell her how big my house is, let me tell her how well I do at my bank, let me tell her what she will get if she marries me.

Who goes to Colombia rich or Poor and doesn’t have dates left and right? Who gets on Cupid and has no picture doesn’t get dates left and right?

These same guys wonder why it doesn’t work out? Well perhaps it is because you bought the relationship and really don’t know shit about each other.

Bottom line is if the confident level is there, the energy is there and surely the chemistry will follow, lets get off this wrong trip about buying wives.