Why Can’t All The Colombian Women I Date Be Similar To Shakira

I have been watching the Voice this season as I think it’s the best in terms of singing talent shows out there. American Idol seems to have went to crap with the strong agenda forcing deal going on. Not only that but the Voice seems to really have the best talent in terms of really singing. For those who don’t know the show, basically it’s a show where there is 4 music celebrity judges that cannot see the people that try out, if they like the voice they turn the chair and the singer gets to choose who his coach will be. As simple as that, no bias involved and strictly voices hence the Voice.

Some might think I am talking about celebrity or money wise which is not the way its meant to be said. In fact just yesterday I am opening one of my email accounts and see blog article that says Matt Damion is selling his 20 million dollar home in Miami, so I read the article and check out the pics and sure enough you get to the comments and you have all these weirdos talking about did he pay his fair share? or Why do celebrities get paid so much more then us regular people and so many other idiotic comments, I can’t even begin to understand the mindset of these jealous freaks. Don’t they understand that we all have the same shot, some people work harder than others, some people choose to think while others listen to Ipods or text all day, some people go to acting school and become waiters in hopes of making it someday. I mean just seeing this type of nonsense tells you what direction this country is moving in. The jealousy is unbearable and so negative. Was it always like that? Perhaps only now at this point in my life I see shit like this.

For the first few seasons the judges were Ceelo Green, Cristina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. This season Ceelo Green and Cristina Aguilera or off and to replace them is Usher and Shakira. It is the first time I have seen Shakira speak and be live on TV rather than just singing. Not only is she very beautiful with an amazing voice, I was happy to see how cool she really seems, she has this laughing type personality which goes a long way with some Colombian girls. I know all the best ones that I dated really had great senses of humor and loved to laugh. She has this rock and roll type energy which is also very unusual in comparison to many of the girls I have dated, although I tried to stay away from the major salsa lovers out there as they seem to be a different type all together, plus who want’s to end up in some salsa club every weekend to satisfy your woman’s salsa addiction. I’ll take a rock chick any day of the week over some salsa chick