Why Do Colombian Women Just Not Show Up Instead Of Advise You? Updated With Her Response

A really screwed up thing about Colombian women is that instead of calling you to tell you they do not want to go, they will just embarrass you by not showing. This happens to the best of us and tonight it rang a bell since one of my friends is in Medellin now and this very thing happened to him tonight. The good news for him was that she did not kill a weekend night. usually they pull the no shows on the weekend nights in order to screw your whole weekend.

Do they even realize they are screwing your weekend up? Do they realize they are embarrassing you? Is this one of the ways to reduce envidia or jealousy by causing you not to take another date out? or is this just another selfish thing from one of the most selfish women on earth. I mean it is obvious they are just screwing you over for there own benefit. it is not because they just decided they do not like you, it is because something came up on their end, perhaps there local amiguito called and is horny, or la mama has something going on and wants the daughter to stick around home. No matter what the reason and I know this has came up a few times in the past on this blog, she will call the next day apologizing and set something up for the next night. The gringo would be a fool to accept that. There is absolutely no reason to leave a guy hanging at a restaurant or anywhere for that matter. Cell phones are readily available, computers, house phones, just no reason to not show and not call.

In my most recent no show, she was actually supposed to meet me at my house in Periera and we would drive over together. I was slightly lucky as it was quiet too long and I called about an hour in advance. She couldn’t escape but she did manage to get enough time to screw me out of getting another date to go with. It didn’t bother me that much because this particular club is truly paradise with beautiful friendly Colombian women everywhere.

How rude can some Colombian women be? I would like to know what goes through that selfish head when deciding to just not show and not call either. Is she thinking ok let me screw this guy over? Personally as I said before, I truly think they do it just to be sure you will not go with a second date instead. What do you guys think?

Some guys will try to think nice about it and say, she was too shy to call and cancel. Bullshit! She can call and lying is not a problem, she could just say sorry not feeling well, or sorry something came up but I will call you tomorrow.

The Colombian woman flake out!!

Her two responses

Updated post: As said above the very next day she would respond asking to go out again with an excuse for being so rude. Personally after reading her 2 excuses and make up emails below, I figured she a must be banging her boss or a coworker. I took what she wrote and realized that at least 20% of that might be true, so for me the truth was she was at the office until 11pm.

Hola buenas tardes  no sabes la semana tan difícil q he tenido ayer salí a las 11 pm de la oficina y salir tan tarde me hizo mucho daño estoy en el hospital toda la manana con oxígeno y medicina tengo Faringitis aguda y principios de Bronquitis
  • Quiero poderte atender muy bien pero las circunstancias no me han dejado espero no te vallas a molestar conmigo quiero mejorarme para podernos ver de nuevo he ir a misa

I told my friend that maybe in the States some people might give her a second date, but in Medellin…Next…

Kevin says

Is the “no show no call” style typical of dating only, or is it a broader feature of Colombian society? For example, is something similar common in business? Does a business contact get away with this? (Not for long in my book.)

My answer

It is not typical of dating only, but as far as businesses go. The top of the chain I had zero problems, nothing but good things to say about the multi national guys I have met and did something with over the years. Always on time, always willing to help and very professional.
Problems, no shows ect begin slightly further down the chain, smaller firms, delivery, un foreseen holidays, such as the Monday festivals. Never expect the same level of work that we do. Lots of no shows, no calls, always hours late and just a “lo siento caballero”. Very very difficult to run a company that consists of more than yourself and a wife. If doing some type of business in or with Colombia, there exists a tremendous amount of legwork first in the security, hiring process for obvious reasons. I am very curious as to how the recent HP investment of 20m turns out in the future.

Getting back to the question, there are serious issues with business expectations in my opinion in general unless dealing directly with the executives of the more perfected multi South American firms.

cita says

its a lack of respect and rude, and they KNOW IT. Colombian culture is pena, hena! They accepted the date becuase it would be considered rude to say NO! so they just ignore your phone calls or just not show up! and hope you get the point!!!