Why Do People Speak So Negatively About Marrying Foreign Women

Last night after Thanksgiving dinner I get a call from my buddy that is getting married January in Santiago. He called to tell me that these people he was having dinner with just ridiculed him for wanting to marry this girl. One of them went as far to say what! Dominican “Green Card”. The woman that made that comment is actually a lawyer. These people are friends of his that he met by actually dating the girl for a couple of weeks. She wasn’t for him so he just stayed friends with her and she married someone else. Ever since they keep inviting him over for special occasions.

A couple of times she tried to hook him up with older, uglier, overweight women. Despite her new marriage it’s almost as if she still maintains a jealousy type thing and refuses to intruduce him to hotter younger woman. So every time he mentions Colombia or foreign women in general she jumps all over that saying aa don’t be stupid, you know they only marry for visas. Personally I think that’s a ridiculous statement and really I don’t even understand how he maintains a friendship with this girl.

He talks about his girlfriend and they also say she is too young. She is 30, wouldn’t 30 be mature enough for any age man? In essence they fill his head with doubts. I told him listen, if you marry one of these old heavy set women, the risks will be the same. There is no guarantee in any relationship, so if your gonna take a risk why not do it with at least someone you are physically attracted to.

So he is sitting there at the table and almost everyone of the 8 people there are getting on him about this. This reminds me of the time a very good friend of mine around 60 years old married this wealthy 19 year old Costa Rican girl. His whole family went nuts, telling him are you crazy? so on and so fourth. The haters always bring up the papers thing. They told him she will not last more than a year or two. Ten years later they were still together and very happy. It’s obvious they are not always about the papers. Some foreign women actually do like to be married and be in a relationship.lol

I guess some people are just very ignorant to that fact. It’s almost like the way many Americans always say age is a problem as well. Personally I can’t figure it out but from the looks of it this will never change. I guess he will have to prove them wrong a few years down the road. Let’s see if they continue inviting him over once his wife gets here.