Why Does My 30 Year Old Girlfriend Act Like a Teenager

This scenario is quite common among the collectively cultured countries, not only Colombia. Although if you have dated a Colombian lady there is a good chance that you found yourself questioning “did she really just say that” or questioning some of the things she does. There is a good reason for all of this and luckily it’s not a scenario that is enough to end the relationship, it is more of a scenario where you have to adjust to the fact that she is extremely codependent and in some cases very much like a teen would be.

The issue of immaturity and codependence

It’s one of those things that you may not even catch at first thinking she is just trying to be cute. It might even come across as cute to some, just like the beginning of the very serious jealousy issues that come with most Colombian women. All of these issues do not just pop out of nowhere, there are reasons behind these issues.

One you catch on and realize that she is crying over any little thing, its hard not to think wow, how did this happen. This happens with every class of woman, there is no underclass reason for such. So you can’t say well my woman is strata 4 and isn’t like that because it really doesn’t matter what strata, rich or poor, highly educated or under educated.

Some examples of this would be heavy crying if they do not get what they want as a teen would cry to mommy in certain cases. Hearing the word “no” might trigger an example. Always adding extra emotion to those things saying I want that and we would normally laugh and continue walking but she might be serious and say but I really want that.

She needs a constant flow of compliments such as “how beautiful you look today” or   “you are the most beautiful in the world” or basically anything to feed her teenage like mind into cementing her strong codependent factors. A continual flow of affection from us at all times which was fine with me but for many it might get very old quick especially when we are busy. This constant flow of affection by the way goes both ways so its actually very different from what we are used to and extremely feminine like.

For those of you seeking career girls, this might pose a problem with some of these girls as it was almost as if they are made to be housewives with absolutely no form of independence what so ever. It is very tough transitioning a girl from serious codependence to independent. But thinking about it, this could have easily been one of the breaking problems of the American family today. Essentially it will be the American trying to change a perfectly good woman raised to be a family woman and mother into an independent career girl that can or may not work out well for the family moving forward. Either way you look at it, today westerners have a problem keeping a solid family long term so something must have gone wrong along the way as a society.

Why does this immaturity and codependence happen?

It’s actually funny that this behavior stems from the woman living home with mommy so long, be codependent in moms house, being called a princess day in and day out. Getting her head rubbed on the couch almost nightly before bed and basically a mother raising a daughter but never releasing her to gain independence. In America usually after college our daughters move out with a career, perhaps the college is out of state so her independence starts even younger.  In Colombia, it is rare that the daughter will move out for any of those reasons until she becomes married and even still after marriage the difference is huge. A Colombian married woman will still be under the reigns of mommy as we speak about so much in Colombia help.

So many of our relationships with Colombian ladies fail not because of her but because of the fact that you are dealing with a middleman, everything she does is based on moms decision. The complete opposite of our independent views so we cannot understand why she is not listening to us but the answer is clear that you will remain low on her decision table unless it is something that you too have a say in such as a baby.

Just imagine a lady 30 years old who has lived home all her life getting pampered by mom and suddenly becomes married to you, or suddenly gets a professional job where independence is key. it will very soon become apparent that she acts immature often or throws small temper tantrums at times for little things.

Thinking of this, it brings back that memory of the guy who found his Colombian woman cheating and flew in to get his computer back that he bought her the week prior. The way she was screaming “pero mommy, el no tiene direcho” over and over as if her mommy wasn’t protecting her which is a very similar scenario to this article, but you will find many other scenarios of which you may laugh in memory of this article.