Why Most Gringos Should Not Consider A Colombian Wife

One of the biggest reasons that so many men are seeking Colombian wives today is purely based on the beauty aspect, the second reason I would say although not the case for many is that it is alot easier to find a young available woman that the culture is more allowing in age differences than many areas of the United States. I say some areas because where I am from in the United States in certain areas of New York, age differences still exist and so do traditional marriages with no issues. However there is also many parts of New York that are the vomit areas when it comes to meeting women.

New York is another place that I am very happy to be away from at the current time. The ultra liberalness, the big daddy mayor and the surveillance cameras just shy of inside the anus of every single New Yorker is not for me. While privacy is scarce, I try to stay where there still are small flashes of privacy leaning more towards the conservative side of things.

Many of the guys I have spoken too in the last year that want to legitimately find a beautiful Colombian wife. What they do not realize is that in order to do so takes work. It’s not like go online and meet and talk to 2 or 3 girls and choose one of those and your set. Far from that if you want anything that will last more than a 6 month to a year fling. A point of that is the relationship will normally die out way before the papers are ready. Her goal is usually just to drain as much out of you while there with no intentions of ever leaving while making you think she will leave to the States.

I always say that the risks are going to be the same whether you marry a Colombian woman or a local woman. With divorce rates high in both places the risks are similar. However those risks are the same after the person has actually put work into meeting a legitimate Colombian wife. Another thing is culture difference. It seems to me that a Colombian wife will have no problems or issues just walking away from the relationship as if it was nothing to begin with. This culture difference could be huge if your an older guy that is expecting his wife to stick around through the final days. She may just decide to go back home to mom with no concern for you what so ever. You were never equal to number one on her list. In other words promises may be cheap.

I know many of you guys think you really know the culture differences and you might know a few, like the food cultures, the party and dance culture difference, the Spanish slang used for certain things. These differences are small and simple to mend together. There are other major differences between the 2 cultures that chances are you will never learn just by spending a few weeks or months in Colombia. The same applies to any culture really.

In the last year or so a ton of gringos have decided to pack up and move to Medellin. They say it’s because of the undeniable beautiful weather and inexpensive apartments in Poblado. I guess they figure, the economy is crap, why not spend time around hot babes that show interest rather than mess around with the local cougars. Problem is that these very same guys do not even know the women they are dating never mind the culture. A year is too little to learn. While I have no statistical data on this, when living there, I noticed a tremendous amount of older women with kids or without, still living with parents and no sign of boyfriend or husband. They will say that they don’t like the local men. However the truth of the matter is, they would rather live with mom than with a man. So many of them just do not have that inner need to get married and be with her man for life.

You tell me, is some gringo going to come around and change that mind set? Perhaps for a little while, but in most cases people don’t change.

Is this article to try and talk you out of meeting a Colombian wife? No, not at all. I have plenty of friends still going strong after several years so it can work. None of these friends were lazy, they all put in major time in the chase, they took solid advice and used it. Hard work always pays off.