Why We Miss Colombian Women So Much

Surely I do not speak alone when I say that after 3 or 4 months of being back in the United States I get a urge to go back to Colombia right away or as soon as possible. When these urges come around we wonder why so much and basically it all boils down to the same reason we went in the first place. It is clearly not because of looks alone, while the Colombian women are absolutely beautiful and have very distinctive affectionate ways, there is a certain thing that gets avoided when we travel to date in Colombia.

Game in the United States

Locally while there is absolutely an abundance of beautiful women as well, its just not the same. We have to work for it, not just work for it but work much harder for it and there are more complexities involved. Americans are complicated and dating becomes even more complicated and the games seem to take away from the whole point of dating to begin with. Men struggle all the time with dating, no not ugly men but all men that are actively trying to find a wife or a girlfriend struggle with the complex games added. There are exceptions to the rule like anything else, we are all not the same and non of us are equal. For some guys they may have gotten so used to the games involved and have became experts, some guys might have a tremendous energy that girls love right off the bat.

I had this very good friend named Lou that was one of those guys that always no matter what hooked up, he didn’t need any game, he just had this energy that had an immense effect on women of all cultures and he could go out to the 7-11 and get laid on any given night. We would go to a club on a Saturday night and he could choose which of the hottest babes he wanted to bang and it was a done deal. He eventually died from an apparent drug overdose like most of my NY friends unfortunately in their youth. Point is that Lou fit into a one percent bracket, he wasn’t like most of us. Even for me, while I never had a problem with dating in United States it was still work, it was still a first date and should I wait 3 days to call back to try and get laid or should I wait for her to call or should I just move on the next chase and so on. All this does is make the supposed fun chase a pain in the ass to do. It forces us, those of us with the resources and the intelligence to realize that it can’t be like this is in all countries.

Which is very true, in fact most countries outside of the west, I say west because if you think American girls are complicated with too much game playing, don’t bother with western Europe because it is just as bad. It is and has become a serious problem in the entire west. So we look to Asia, we look to South America and we found a paradise in Colombia. Not only do we have uncomplicated beautiful women, but we have women that say yes nearly all the time, are simple, don’t measure wealth, are extremely affectionate. This is just for dating as to marry absolutely becomes a work in itself as should anything that will be for life but for dating sake, for the sake of playing the field and enjoying, learning a different culture, learning the differences between local women and Colombian women, learning differences between Medellin girls and Bogota girls.

When it comes to dating them, it simply can’t be beat and certainly cannot be compared to dating in America. It is all that with no games, yes the occasional flake out but smart men have back up dates ready if needed.

It creates a new found confidence that may put you in the 1 percentage

colombian assAfter arrival back in the states and taking a slight break, sooner then you know it you find that you miss Colombian ass so much. You have zero desire to put the amount of work required for most men to date in the United States for simply mediocre ass.

The funny thing is that when you do begin to date locally again, pussy is just not something that you will jump off bridges for anymore. It doesn’t make us work nearly as hard as we did before we started dating internationally. We have realized there are whole entire other countries with less complicated women and we don’t need to play these complex games anymore or measured by success anymore.  Now we go on local dates and we are like “yeah yeah whatever” and she can feel it right away. She can sense that your confidence is flying and that you probably wont follow through with any games that she is used to playing.

As a teen I remember having sometimes to wait a few months before I could get the pussy from a new possible girlfriend, but yet another guy comes around and works the same girl for a day or 2 and he is banging her all the golf course. It wasn’t a looks thing, it was the fact that he had far more confidence or knew how to work the game at that time, almost as if he had a few prior trips to Colombia and slept with the hottest babes around.

Truth be told, once you break the ice with Colombian women, it takes a very hot local women to ever excite you again. After a few months of being home, we long for that trip again. The memories grow strong and we miss Colombian ass, we miss having these beautiful girls at our sides, coming back to our apartments without drama, without complexities.  We say screw the local dating sites and don’t even bother anymore, we arrange another trip.

Colombian dating becomes an addiction

Take a trip to Italy and rent a Ferrari California for a couple weeks, enjoy the views, the food and most of all the way the car handles, fly home and jump into your Honda and take that first turn at 60 and you will miss the hell out of that Ferrari California and probably begin to hate the Honda. You became addicted to the performance of the car abroad and it ruined you. Now you have a choice, you can either save a ton of cash to buy that same Ferrari or you can take a trip to Italy twice a year to satisfy that hunger. With dating in Colombia, you can either make a decision to put enough time in to marry one who actually might love you, or fly back two or three times per year to satisfy your social dating needs since the local dating is such a pain in the ass.