Worlds Most Desired Wives

This morning, I had taken a ride to the local mall here in Florida and while at the mall I noticed 2 of the kiosk guys from Israel with Colombian wives. One of the couples had a child around 4 and the other one I am not sure. I was talking with them for a few minutes and sure enough these two Colombian girls converted to Judaism to be able to marry these guys. These girls will do anything for their husbands or husbands to be. This year I have also noticed a bunch more North American guys with Colombian wives as well around. It seems that the word is out and foreign men from all over the world are snatching up the good ones.

While living in Colombia, I noticed that there was an abundance of guys from Germany, Italy, Holland and even the rude mofo’s of Spain were grabbing these women to make new wives. Not to mention apparently the visa process to the European countries for Colombians is much faster than ours. I’ll talk about my comment about the Spaniards above to clarify. I had to go to Spain several times a few years back and each time I was there it was the same rude bullshit. I would wake up in the morning to grab a coffee at the cafe down the street and they wouldn’t serve me. I went to the museums in Madrid and in one of them I asked security where the exit was in English and she replied “this is espain, in espain we speak Spanish” sort of yelling it to me. The bitch spoke English, she just felt the need to be rude for some reason and it was like this everywhere. I then realized wow these people are the rudest bastards I have encountered in any Country. Who knows maybe it was bad luck at the time, but whatever it was it gave me a bad impression. Otherwise certain parts of Spain were extremely beautiful.

While in Spain I was on a job and a female from Madrid was assigned to work with me, amazingly this girl wanted to stay with me at the hostel I was staying at. She was around 26 and nice looking, so my first night in the hostel I go down on this chick and I swear it was like eating pure olive oil. I later found out that she used actual olive oil to bathe with, kinda gross as well.

Are Colombian girls the worlds most desired women? I would say they must be since all ends of the world are getting in on the action. I don’t see guys flocking to the USA from all over to marry girls from here. I know it happens, just not nearly as abundant.

If they are the most desired, why is it?  I would have to say for obvious reasons starting with pure beauty, then moving down the line to excellent family women and everyone knows it. Loyalty has got to be part of the list. Remember we are speaking of the good Colombian girls, not the average slut with 3 amiguitos running around playing them all while sucking the blood out of an internet gringo she recently met online. I am talking about the real girls that know how to take care of their husbands and family.

Yes, here in the USA we have stunningly beautiful women as well and we really do have good women too. It’s just the way things turned out in this Country that really sucks. It is real difficult to find a truly unselfish woman anymore. A woman that feels she needs her man has disintegrated. A woman that chooses her family over a career. A woman that knows how to satisfy her man in every way filled with tons of affection.

I am sure it is the same for the men in the other parts of the world that are also in search of Colombian wives. Maybe they are just sick of the olive oil smell that flows while banging them or is it the fact that the women are simply cold. One thing I can say for sure is that even in Colombia things are changing and the time to find a really good wife is still a hell of alot easier than here is becoming more difficult as each year passes. The schools are preaching feminism to the female students. They claim it’s due to the abusive men that they have. Personally I think it’s just the fact that most schools have priorities ass backwards.

If you are thinking of marrying a Colombian wife get the ball on the road and start making moves soon. This beautiful thing might not be around in a few more years.