Dog Restless At Night 6 Reasons Your Dog Wont Sleep!

If you have a dog, you have probably grown accustomed to your beloved pet sleeping through the night.

Ideally, your dog should be sleeping fine without any trouble. So it can be a surprise for many owners when their pooch suddenly breaks this behavior.

If you find yourself asking the question, why is my dog restless at night it may be a sign that something is wrong.

If your dog is pacing, panting, pawing at objects, or just cannot settle down, there may be cause to bring them to the vet or just make a few simple changes.

Check out our list of possible causes and see what you need to do if your dog is suddenly becoming restless once the sun goes down.

Why Is My Dog Restless At Night?

Anytime there is a sudden change in behavior with a dog, its a cause for concern.

It may mean that something is seriously wrong, or you may just need to change a few things.

Its always better to be safe than sorry, so bring your dog to a vet right away if they are acting strangely and being restless at night.

Possible Causes of Restlessness:

1. Their diet

Your dog might be having an issue due to the food they are eating. If youve changed the type or brand of food they eat recently, there is a very good chance that is the cause.

Your dog might be experiencing an upset stomach or gas that is causing them gastrointestinal discomfort and causing them to be restless. If their stomach appears to be bloated, take them to the vet immediately.

Check their gums to see if they are white or pale. Pressing a finger to the gums without it returning to pink within 2 seconds is cause for concern and you should take your pet to be checked out.

2. Being frightened

Your dog may have had a scare recently or something else is happening that is causing your dog anxiety.

Maybe they were attacked by a cat recently, or there are noises coming from outside.

Maybe they took a spill or were sick in the area they normally sleep in. Try to think back and see if anything frightened your pup recently to make them anxious at night.

3. Aches and pains

Is your dog getting up there in years?

If so, they may be experiencing just general side effects that come with getting older.

As dogs age, they are very similar to humans in that they may have a harder time getting to sleep and once they do, its actually less sleep than they used to get.

Dogs also start to feel a little bit of soreness. If your dog is acting restless and is not really a puppy anymore, getting into their golden years may be the culprit.

4. Wanting to sleep near you

This situation may just be as simple as your pooch just wants to suddenly sleep in the same room with you.

If your dog does not usually stay in the room with you and suddenly wants to be in your room or is acting restless, maybe something scared them recently or they dont feel well and just want to cuddle with their owner.

Try letting them stay in the room with you, and if that doesnt settle them down, then take them to a vet to be checked out.

5. Theyre not getting enough exercise

Your dog may be restless at night because theyre not getting a chance to burn off all that energy during the day.

If youre not taking your dog for walks, letting them run about outside, orengaging them enough when they are outside so that theyre actively running around, they may just have all this extra energy that is keeping them from sleeping.

6. Feeding too late

Its better for your dogs metabolism to be fed once earlier in the day.

Feeding your pup too late in the day or at night may be causing them some discomfort internally.

Consult with your vet or research the best diet and times to feed your dog to try and solve this problem.

If your dog is restless at night or acting strangely, youre right to be concerned. Many times there may be a very real health problem going on.

The causes above may be to blame, or it may even be due to something more severe when it comes to your dogs health. Regardless, always do the safe thing and take your pet to a vet to be checked out.

That way you can make sure nothing is wrong and also get tips and recommendations on how to solve the issue.

Most of all, youll have peace of mind and a real shot at getting your pup to lay down for the night and have a peaceful nights sleep once and for all.