Fuzzbutt Cage Comfort XL Platform Review

Other ways to use it ,as demonstrated by Fuzzbutt Cage Comforts:

Quality: 5 stars. Superior to most other hammocks I have seen!

Safety: 5 Stars. All materials used are appropriate for rats.

Ease of Assembly: 5 Stars. Easy to hang, even with a variety of ways to do so!

Ease of Cleaning: 5 Stars. Just toss it in the washing machine and dryer!

Price: 5 Stars. I have seen hammock/ cage accessories equally priced that do not come close to this quality. Shipping is expensive if you live in the US like I do (Fuzzbutts Cage Comforts are made with love in the UK) but that is not something that the company has control over.)

Aesthetics: 4.5 Stars. Looks amazing- very professionally made. Would like to see a larger range of fabric/fleece combinations in the future, as I foresee myself purchasing additional Fuzzbutt Cage Comfort items myself!

Rat’s Response: 5 Stars. I was surprised as how quickly my girls took to this XL Platform Choob! Usually they sniff at the accessories I offer and it takes them hours…sometimes days, to test them out! I was able to write this review very quickly as they went right in to investigate it and now most of them can be found snuggled together inside it, ignoring the other hammocks I have hanging.