“Help! My Dog Is Missing!”- 8 Genius Ways to Help Find Your Dog

Realizing that your dog has done missing is one of the most gut-wrenching feelings any pet owner will ever experience. I suggest Pinning this post to your Pinterest account, printing it out, or saving it on your desktop for future reference because you never know when you might run in to a situation where your dog does MIA.

Here is 7 ways to find your dog that you probably have not thought of and could make all the difference in getting your dog back to you quickly:

1. Contact animal control, your local humane society, and local vets in the area.
Many people who find a dog will often call animal control to come pick them up or will drop them off especially if they are unable to care for the dog in the process of trying to find their owner. If your dog should go missing, make this your first phone call as many animal control services have limits on how long they are able to keep a dog. Check back with them often, if not daily.

2. Place free ads in your local paper(s) and continue to monitor them in the event that someone should post that they have found a dog.

3. Contact your local radio stations. 
You might be surprised- they might be able to do a shout out with your information and your dog’s description that could help alert the public that your pet is missing.

4. Put up lost pet signs with a clear photo of your dog around the area your dog went missing from AND post one in your yard.
Often times people who find a dog roaming the streets will try going door to door in the area trying to locate the owner. If you have a sign in your own yard stating that you are missing the dog, it helps pin point where the dog belongs so even if you are not at home, they at least know what address to check back with to get your dog home safe and sound. Hand them out to people in the neighborhood, leave them on doorsteps, any way you can put that information out there, do it! Better yet- drop off a copy to every local vet, pet supply store, your humane society, and animal control office. A good, clear, colored photo of your dog is best.

5. Advise your mail carrier and other postal workers (FedEx, UPS, etc) that your dog is missing and provide him or her with one of your ‘lost dog’ signs. Mail and delivery carriers cover plenty of ground daily and can be a very valuable source of information to the whereabouts of your dog. You could even ask if local pizza delivery carriers would be willing to keep on in their vehicle, in the even they see your dog wandering on route. Garbage and recycle pick up crew members are also good people to contact as they often see dogs digging through trash and could be able to help you locate your dog.

6. If your dog is microchipped, ensure your contact information is correct right away.
Often in the chaos of moving, people forget to update their information on their pets’ microchip file. Whenever a dog is turned over to animal control or humane societies, they are scanned to see if they have a microchip.Your information will need to be correct in the event they should try to contact you.

7. Check to see if your area has a Facebook lost pet or yard sale page. 
Social media is quickly becoming a very good resource in reporting lost and found pets.

When reporting your dog missing, be sure to have the following information available and include all of it on your lost dog signs:

  • Dog’s name
  • Male or female- if male, indicate if they are unaltered (people can visually see testicles or no testicles)
  • Breed
  • Color and special markings including eye color
  • Age
  • Any identification they might have such as a collar, microchip number, tattoo, etc.
  • Date they went missing
  • Area they went missing from
  • Your name and phone number
  • Any additional information you might need to include such as whether or not they are on any special medications, if you are offering a reward, if they are  timid, etc.

8. Stay positive. 
Its not unheard of for an animal to find its way back home even after being gone for days, weeks, months, even years! Don’t give up hope!

I pray that no one will ever have to experience the fear of not being able to find their furry family member but hope that these tips will help get them home safe and sound!