How To Build a Live-Catch Trap

Whether you’re a gardener who needs to remove some pesky pests, or out in the wild with spare parts, building a live-catch trap is a highly effective way of baiting and trapping small to medium sized animals such as rabbits, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, or woodchucks.

If you’re a gardener, you already know full well that a rabbit can easily destroy your plants, so being able to get rid of the problem will help your garden remain healthy and pest-free.

If you’re looking to trap for food, the live-catch works perfect for drawing the animal in, rather than trying to find an heavily-used rabbit trail to place a trap.  Though you’ll need more materials than you’re standard snare, once you have what you need you’ll be capturing those pests in no time.

Here’s the list of what you’ll need to get to build your own live-catch trap:

  • long wooden boards
  • hammer
  • nails
  • wire mesh
  • drill
  • strong rope/string
  • balance stick