How to Build a Rabbit Snare

Being able to catch your own food in the wild is another important skill you can have to greatly increase your chances of long-term survival.  For example – catching a fish is an excellent, and usually simple, way of doing this.  However, what if you are nowhere near a body of water?  By learning how to create and use a snare you will still be able to capture your dinner which I’ll show you how to do below:

The cottontail rabbit is one of the most widely spread of all rabbits

It is easy to see that knowing how to catch one of these small animals will help you in the majority of the United States, as well as wherever else rabbits and similar small animals are found worldwide.  This article from goes over some of the types of snares, a step-by-step guide on making one, and some rabbit snare tips.


Also, this YouTube video excellently demonstrates how to build a rabbit snare step-by-step, and even includes the successful outcome of being able to learn and properly utilize this skill.