How to Field Dress a Wild Boar

There are three non-native species of wild swine in the United States: Eurasian wild boar (“Russian boar”), feral hogs, and wild boar/feral hog hybrids. They are invasive species that may have been introduced as early as 1539.

In Florida, because they are so destructive to farmlands and crops, “on private property with landowner permission, wild pigs may be trapped and/or hunted year round using any legal to own rifle, shotgun, crossbow, bow or pistol. There is no size or bag limit, and you may harvest either sex. Also, no hunting license is required.” (

Because they are abundant in most of the southern states, as well as California and in scattered areas in the midwest, wild boar are a game animal you may very well come across in the wild. Knowing how to properly quarter them will save you a lot of time and energy in the field.

The map below shows the feral swine population range in 2004.

Wild Boar Map Photo credit

As you can see, they are very common in many part of the United States and if you ever find yourself in the wild, whether due to being lost or bugging-out, you will most likely come across this animal.

This video below demonstrates how to properly quarter a wild boar, preceded by how to properly “cape” one in preparation for mounting it. This is not important during a survival situation, but interesting information nonetheless and something that may interest you.

A good idea would be to go on a boar hunt and either watch someone dress it in-person, or attempt it yourself. This would help you learn it better than any video by itself.

Once you’ve harvested the meat, you’ll need to start a campfire and begin cooking your hard-won meal that should last you a while.