How To Stop A Dog From Digging 7 Simple Solutions

For many home owners, it is frustrating to look out the window and see your pet dog digging around and while doing so destroying the magnificent landscaping you have come to love. Pet dogs just like their counterparts the foxes and other wild dogs, dig for a particular reason. In this article you will find out why dogs dig and learn how to stop a dog from digging using a variety of tried and tested methods.

Why Do Dogs Dig?

1. Entertainment

Dogs love to dig and when they do it for fun, they usually take a playful posture. The digging is usually alternated by various movements such as running around. When your dog digs just for entertainment, there will be random holes all over.

2. To bury something

Your pet dog will bury their favorite thing such as a toy, a bone and even part of a prey. This behavior is inherited from their ancestors who used the tactic in order to survive in the wild.

3. To keep cool and comfortable

During a hot day, you will find your dog digging around soft dirt. This is to create a bed that will enable your pet to cool and become comfortable.

4. To escape

When your dog digs in order to escape, you will find holes located around your perimeter fence.

How to stop a dog from digging?

1. Lots of exercises

Exercise is not only beneficial to humans but to dogs too. Experts have found out that engaging your pet dog in lots of exercises will help eliminate a variety of behavior problems, including digging holes around your yard. Health benefits such as calorie burning, weight loss and overall fitness extend to your dog. Exercise your dog regular to help burn the extra energy accumulated in the body that leads to dogs digging holes.

2. Confine your dog in a crate

Crate training can be very efficient in helping to stop the digging behavior. As you go about your duties around the house or even your home office, you can simply take your dog and place him in the crate. If you decide to let the dog loose indoors ensure that the pet is someplace nearby so you can provide supervision if needed.

3. Bury balloons in favorite digging spots

While this method may seem funny, research shows that burying balloons in areas where the dog loves to dig will help to stop the behavior. This is achieved when the dog tries to dig and the balloon pops. The popping should scare your dog and make him think twice before digging again.

4. Bury chicken wire at the base of the fence

If your dog loves to dig with the attempt of escaping, you can simply hire an expert to bury chicken wire at the base of your fence. When your dog tries to dig at the base, your dog will not like the feeling of scraping their paws on chicken wire. While this method may seem harsh, it is important to know that at times discipline can only be instilled with stern measures.

5. Enrol your dog in a basic training class

Dog trainers have spent years training dogs, therefore they have mastered various techniques that can help to eliminate some annoying habits that your dog may display from time to time. During basic dog training, the expert will help you to assert yourself as the leader of the pack.. Dogs usually think in terms of pack order, dominance and balance.

Practicing this will help to increase the amount of respect your dog has for you. Also during this class, the expert can help by instilling a few commands such as stop, sit or heel. These commands will help to control your pet especially when they become annoying.

6. Develop safe discouragements

The first safe discouragement you can use is the sprinkler system. You need to install sprinklers in areas where your dog loves to dig on your yard. When you see your pet start to dig, you can simply turn on the sprinklers and the water will chase them away. Another safe discouragement is to fill the area with a few rocks. You can use the large flat rocks as they work best.

7. Have a dog digging box

This method works best especially if you have a large area to spare. Setting up a dog digging area and encourage your pet to dig around the area will eliminate the habit of digging around your yard. You can fill the digging area with soft sand and bury some of your pet’s favorite treats.

Majority of dogs will usually figure out that any time they want to dig, they must go to that particular area. This will not only stop your dog from digging in an area you don’t want but it will eliminate boredom as well.