Rat Happy Review

One of the biggest problems we rat owners face is those teeny tiny scratches and irritations we get from our rats nails, especially when they are on our shoulders and chests, which just so happen to be our ratties favorite places to hang out with us! It seems no matter how diligent we are about keeping their nails clipped and maintained, it just happens.

Fortunately we have a really fun solution! RatHappy’s Little Rat Riding Hoods! The hood pulls quickly and easily over your head and there are no buttons or Velcro to fiddle with. The tall turn-over collar makes a tunnel for your rat to play in, plus protects your neck and chest.There’s a ribbon secured at the back that ties in front to snug the fabric close to your neck — no more scratches! Or you could opt for the black bolo tie with silver-tone slider.

The front has a bonding pouch for when you just plain want to snuggle. Quality fleece fabric is easy care (machine washable), forgiving of nibbles (no fraying) and gives your rat something to hang onto when you’re walking about. The Little Rat Riding Hood is perfect for socializing new rats young and old and comes in an assortment of colors to choose from.

So what did the rats of my Aquarius Mischief think? I had to coax my girls into the bonding pouch with some treats as they weren’t quite sure what to make of it at first. They did like it better than other bonding sacks as I think being closer to my face and chest, they felt a bit more secure. I think in the sacks, they dangle and move too much and that makes them uneasy. Bouncing about my waist in a sack isn’t as comforting as being nestled against my chest. The girls really liked the tall collar- it let them be close to me, on my shoulder which is where they love to be, but gave them added security.

The material is definitely warm and snuggly…too warm for me to wear most of the year here in sunny Florida, but perfect for those cold winters our Floridan blood isn’t used to! Rats included! I could see this being a practically year round item in northern states! Perhaps a lighter fabric choice will be offered in the future?? Anyhow, it definitely protected me from scratches! Not a single one! I can’t wait for those cold winter nights that are approaching to lounge in front of the TV with my ratties snuggled in my LRRH (Little Rat Riding Hood).

Included in this complimentary product review package, I received their most popular item- a matching Ratz Pak! Ratz Paks rat carriers are said to be a good size for up to two average sized rats. I tested mine out with my chunky butt, Pip. I think he might be considered larger than average because he took up most of the pouch, LOL, but I was able to get two of my girls in there much more comfortably. Like the LRRH, the fabric was the same cozy quality. One of the best features about this bonding sack was that it is adjustable. As I mentioned about the LRRH, my rats don’t care for most bonding bags as they hang too low. They end up being closer to my hip which causes them to get bumped about more in my normal movements.

The Ratz Pak can be adjusted so they are further up my body. As you can see in my photo, I adjusted my Ratz Pak so they were about my upper abdomen. There was less movement so they appeared more relaxed and stayed in the pouch for a longer period of time than they had in other bonding bags I have used with them. The design is perfect- molding ideally to the body. The thick fleece was not uncomfortably warm since it only drapes across part of the body. Like the LRRH, the Ratz Pak allowed me to interact with my rats with less scratches.While I felt a little self conscious wearing the Little Rat Riding Hood out in public, I felt totally confident wearing the Ratz Pak, and since it is adjustable, everyone in the family- from my 6’1″ hubby to my little six year old daughter, can wear it. Its unisex design makes it appropriate for everyone as well (the LRRH was more feminine in appearance with its girly bow so I would suggest getting the bolo tie to make it more gender neutral).

Why I invented the Ratz Pak™- From the creator, Debbie

photo credit RatHappy.com
Rats are the perfect pet. They are affectionate, friendly and cuddly. They each have their own personality, are sweet, quiet, and never complain. They never demand. Our first rat, Scabbers, was a pink-eyed white rat we bought from a local pet store. Scabbers came with a cough—the bane of pet rats everywhere— plus ringworm. But he was a lover who never tired of planting kisses on our faces. He would run to us when called, even when our dog left the back door open and he would decide to explore the great outdoors. Scabbers would jump up on our couch for snuggles and kisses and would scamper after us if we left the room. He was very excited to see us after we’d been on on vacation even though our house sitter took good care of him. He would win over the hearts of friends who thought pet rats were “icky”. He was the best traveler on a road trip one summer to California. He worshiped our dog Abby. Scabbers lived in our hearts and home for two years, but finally the “cough” won and took him away from us. He died in my son’s arms. We were heartbroken over his death. We will never forgot that sweet affectionate rattie.

After Scabbers died, Chris had no interest in replacing him to the trauma of loss. I reciprocated with two sweet baby rats from a local breeder that I hoped would be from heartier stock than Scabbers. Into our lives came Skyy, an Irish Blue Rex and Koko, a Bermese Siamese Dumbo. My son and I immediately fell in love with these two sweet little boys, and spent hours carrying them around in the pockets of our hoodies. Eventually Ollie joined the pack. Soon they were too big to fit into our pockets and the idea for The Ratz Pak™ was born. Seeing that commercial rat accessories were hard to come by, and after a dozen or so prototypes that improved with each attempt, we finally have a Ratz Pak that was comfortable not only for our rats, but us as well.
We hope you decide to buy a Ratz Pak, and that you enjoy it as much as we do. Love your pets. With Scabbers we realized that pets don’t live as long as they should, especially rats. Cherish every moment. We are forever responsible for what we have tamed.