Soft and Cuddly Over/Under Rat Hammock

I received an Over/Under Hammock in gender neutral colors of red, black and white. I could see, unlike other “bunkbeds” as I call them, this one was different by the choice of materials used to construct the two layered hammocks. A thick cotton twill cloth was used and I was instantly impressed. That thicker material is unlike most other hammocks I found as it is less desirable to shred.

My rats love to redesign their fleece, flannel, and cotton cage accessories but I found that my rats were less willing to destroy this thicker, sturdier material. Rat Attack Team does have some beautiful pieces that are done in the fleece/flannel combination (they are called Soft Sacs) so if your rats aren’t big chewers, you can still get a lot of use out of them, but I recommend the heavier fabrics. There are some great colors of cotton twill and even duck cotton cloth to choose from including grey, red, dark/light blue, purple, olive/lime green, hot pink, yellow & tan. You could also get denim. The fleece is premium grade or anti-pill. All in all, these hammocks were designed to last.

Close up of the only damage done to the hammock in 2 weeks time!!!
I received this hammock 2 weeks ago and there has been VERY little damage done to it. My boys aren’t as big on chewing things to smithereens as my females but I can usually tell right off the back if its something they are capable of destroying- this hammock appears built to last. I plan on testing them out on my females next!

View of hammock in cage
Metal grommets were placed in the corners in which to hang the hammock. This hammock, like others I have reviewed, used grommets that were too small for me to use standard shower curtain rings to hang. Although this was a disadvantage for me, Rat Attack Team sells hangers for about $2 so its an easy fix and says that the metal shower curtain rings should be just fine. I recommend purchasing a set to have just in case whatever type of hanger you have doesn’t work. The price does not include hangers. The RAT SAC Over/Under hammock retails for $10.50 which is about average for a hammock.

An added bonus is that Rat Attack Team does custom embroidery! Need a name or a cute design on your next hammock?? Let Rat Attack Team know and Janis can create a personalized hammock just for you for an additional charge (she charges per stitch count so you will just need to contact her directly for a quote).

Having rescued a few rats in the beginning, I found that foreign made hammocks – well – sucked! They were cheap & flimsy. I started making some nice sturdy ones then tried new ideas and soon people were asking if I’d make them some. So my RAT SACs were off & running starting on Ebay.
Then I heard about Etsy & joined in 2009 and BOOM! Sales started coming in 😉
RAT SAC means Rat Attack Team’s Soft And Cuddly hammocks and many fuzzies agree.
I believe if you rescue an animal, their life should become better for it!
The fabrics & flannels are pre-washed but not the fleece! I use the sturdiest fabrics with soft fleece or flannel. I developed my unique hanging system after one of my furries chewed through the pet store hammock & he fell! Safety first!
My hammocks will last a long time saving YOU money 😉 and the hangers can be used on other hammocks as well & in different ways to fit almost any wire cage.

Emerson seems especially fond of his new bed

Quality: Sturdy fabric choices. Neat construction- no loose threads anywhere. Design is good- it hangs the way it should to allow the rats ability to climb in and out. 5 STARS

Safety: Sturdy fabric choices and grommet placement. Rat safe materials- nothing that could harm or injury the rats. 5 STARS

Ease of Assembly: Pretty straight forward- just loop hangers through grommets and hang. A larger sized grommet might have been more convenient. 4 STARS

Ease of Cleaning: Top loading washing machines may pull the grommets out (front loads okay too) so a gentle cycle must be used.You can use hot water and a regular dry cycle so its easy to clean. 5 STARS

Price: Fabulous pricing for the quality of the work! She even has a 2 week guarantee. 5 STARS

Aesthetics: Mostly sold as premades but able to do custom orders. Also able to customize styles in various colors and sizes so if you see something you like as a premade but need a different size, you can do it. Embroidery also available so you could even personalize the hammocks with your ratties’ names! While the fabric selection isn’t as readily available to choose from as some other sellers sites, I gave an extra star for the option of embroidery. That’s just too freaking cool! 5 STARS

Rat’s Response: My big boys have mostly been using the 2nd level of this hammock, and ignoring the top half for the most part. I think its a personal preference for them, since my females tend to use both levels of their double layer hammocks. Even with other hammocks in the cage, they still give this Over/Under Hammock plenty of attention! Emerson has ignored me on several accounts because he is just not willing to get out of his RAT SAC hammock- lazy butt! 5 STARS