What Is A Veterinary Emergency?

What is a veterinary emergency for dogs, cats, and exotic pets?

  • Pet struck by vehicle
  • Pet can’t urinate
  • Pet refusal to eat or drink
  • Animal has difficulty breathing
  • A bite wound or a burn injury
  • Animal in shock (weakness, pale mucous membranes in the mouth, cold extremities, and an abnormal heart rate) or in coma
  • an animal that can’t walking or can’t maintain proper balance


  • Evening and weekend appointments for 24/7 Emergency Care
  • Prescription Medicines, we’ll beat anyone’s price. Routine surgeries, including low cost Spay and Neuter.
  • Affordable vaccinations. Preventative and dental care. The best prices on Heartworm & Flea Prevention.
  • Advanced Orthopedic Surgery. Fluid therapy, blood transfusions.
  • Digital Radiograph and Ultrasound.
  • In-House Bloodwork, Intensive Care Units, pharmacy, laser therapy, grooming, boarding, microchipping, AND MUCH MORE…

Facility includes:

Emergency Pet Hospital
Intensive care units
An in-house laboratory for fast results
Digital X-rays and ultrasound
Blood and fluid transfusion therapy
Affordable vaccinations
Preventive dental care
Advanced orthopedic and routine surgery
…and so much more