Company’s Coming But Who Are they?

We invited a panel of speakers representing the tourism, travel and local business communities to host a discussion designed to help area businesses both prepare for and maximize the opportunity of hosting this global sporting event.

Our panelists included Marcel Berger (who joined via Skype from Australia), director of the Richmond 2015 travel office, Mike Ritchie, emarketing manager for Richmond Region Tourism, Sarah Paxton, co-owner of LaDiff and 1st vice chair of the Retail Merchants Association, and Tom Griffin, executive director for Virginia Green Travel Alliance.

2015 Learning Series-3
The discussion covered everything from the demographics of the cycling community to ways to overcome the language barrier and some ideas for making both domestic and international guests feel more welcome (hint: window dressings and signage are important). The panelists also offered a host of resources to help with businesses’ marketing and communication needs. For your convenience, we’ve listed those resources below.