99+ Funny & Happy Monday Quotes on Morning

Monday being start of week , it will be mixed feel of joy and laziness. These happy monday quotes will speak your mind, it will tell your both situation. Few people will take up the monday as fresh day for starting an new thing.

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As Yogi Berra said :“Almost every Monday I have a charity thing. I like that. I do.”

Few people get bored of things and also the failure that happened in past days,they think of these things and also they get demotivated in self. These inspirational quotes for monday will be helpful for them. And also monday inspirational quotes will let the new things to reach success. You can find below the funny monday quotes that can be shared with your family and friends.

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Best Monday Quotes to get Motivation & Inspiration
Below is the collection of monday morning quotes for you. These collection will provide you positive vibration in you. Few people will take it as it ease. So for them monday would be funny day. And also they don’t care of anything. Share these funny monday quotes with your family and friends. And also you keep these as status for you whatsapp and Facebook.Here you go!!!!

Monday is the perfect day to correct last week’s mistakes.

Mistakes are proof that you are trying

It’s Monday but keep smiling.

It’s Monday don’t forget to be awesome.

It’s Monday.I’m alive.I’m breathin I’m livin I’m blessed.life is good.

monday quotes

Oh! hello Monday you’re here…

Don’t let the word Monday scare you,do something awesome

Don’t be scared it’s only Monday

Wishing you a happy Monday and a beautiful week!

I believe awesome things will happen because its Monday.

monday quotes

Tomorrow is Monday.

Monday.A fresh start.Embrace it.

Happy Monday! Wishing you a wonderful day!

We interrupt your happiness to bring you Monday

Its Monday,perfect time to reboot your mind and have a fresh start.

monday quotes

If Mondays’ were shoes, they’d be crocs.

Oh man!!! Its Monday again!!!

Hello Monday. May I ask you a question? Why are you always backing so quickly? Don’t you have a hobby?

I can hear Monday morning already whispering “go fuck yourself into my ear”

Shortest horror story:Monday

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I just don’t think there will be enough coffee or middle fingers for this Monday!

I hate the fact that tomorrow is Monday!

Mondays are the potholes in the road of life

Keep calm and pretend it’s not Monday

With enough coffee even Monday looks good

monday quotes

Monday Morning Quotes
Not sure if I hate Mondays or Mondays hate me.

If each day is a gift I would like to know where I can return Mondays.

The worst thing about Sundays is knowing tomorrow is Monday.

Monday.You Bastard!!!

Now listen here you Monday.You better not come tomorrow or there will be trouble.

monday quotes

Why is Monday so far from Friday and Friday so near to Monday.

Alright Monday what kind of bullshit you got for me this time.

If Monday had a face.. I would pinch it!!!

Dear Monday, fuck you. Sincerely, the world.

I have no words to describe this day, I do, however have a ton of obscene gestures

monday quotes

Happy Monday Quotes
I hate mornings, and Mondays. And working. But other than that I am entirely happy.

Dear Monday, I want to break up .I’m seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday. Sincerely, it’s not me, it’s you.

Dear Monday. I think you should take a holiday! Trust me. No one will miss you!

Due to lack of interest .Monday has been cancelled.

I’d rather enter the hunger games than enter the office on Mondays.

monday quotes

Monday must be a guy .. It comes too quickly.

It’s Monday. God is going to do some amazing things this week get ready.

It’s Monday, but it’s OK..

Oh no tomorrow is Monday I don’t think I can do this every week.

May your Monday be as swift and merciful as an execution.

monday quotes

Having Monday off is a great opportunity to hate Tuesdays.

Have a magnificent Monday.

Die Monday…die.

Rise and shine and have an awesome Monday.

Happy Monday. Wait…better yet, happy only four days until Friday.

monday quotes

Funny Monday Quotes
It’s Monday who wants a hug?

Happy Monday good morning friends have a happy Monday.

After Monday, Tuesday even the calendar says W.T.F.

Monday??May the force be with you?

Oh come on its Monday not doomsday. Make it a good one.

monday quotes

Don’t you hate it when tomorrow is Monday?

Oh no the worst day ever, tomorrow is Monday.

Stress out because tomorrow is Monday.

I’m hiding from Monday I know it’s close by.

The moment when Sunday stops feeling like Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in

monday quotes

Inspirational Monday Quotes

Mondays can either be the start to a struggle week or a fresh reminder that this week , you will be strong.

It’s Monday, no more excuses.

It’s Monday! Shake it up.

Motivation Monday.

Rule 1# : never miss a Monday workout

monday quotes

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

Turning Mondays ”blahs” into Mondays “aah”

I love Monday’s

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. The five stages of waking up on Monday’s.

How many Monday’s have been and gone since you said I’ll start next week? Take action start today

monday quotes

Just once, I would like to get up turn on the news and hear.. ‘Monday has been cancelled, go back to sleep.’

One small positive in the morning can change your whole day.

I survive Monday with coffee.

Start every day with new hope, leave bad memories behind and have faith for a better tomorrow.

I have come to conclusion that Monday’s last 50% more than other days.

monday quotes

Wake up every morning that something wonderful is about to happen.

Just another magic Monday.

Monday reminds me how important it is to choose a job you love. Life is for living, not to be miserable at work.

Today is going to be a great day.

Today will be the best Monday of the week.

monday quotes

Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life.

Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.

Always believe something wonderful is above to happen

I’m not ready for Monday. Can I have another Sunday? Pleaseee?

To be successful, the first thing to do is to fall in love with your work.

monday quotes

Do what you love and don’t look at the clock.

Monday is great for becoming too busy to die.

Keep calm and pretend it’s not Monday.

Dear Monday, I wish you to go step on a Lego.

It’s Monday. I’m happy. I’m blessed. God is going to do amazing things this week.

monday quotes

Today I will make things happen.

Yesterday is History, tomorrow is mystery TODAY is a Gift.

After Monday and Tuesday even the calendar says W T F…

Today is a multiple cups of coffee kind of day.

Good things are going to HAPPEN.

monday quotes

May your coffee be strong and your Monday is short.

I’ve decided I’m going to go mad.

Wake up. Kick ass. Be kind. Repeat.

Dear Monday, how do I block you in real life?

It’s a good day to have a good day!.

monday quotes

Days keep changing .This is know fact for everyone .So consider each day as same .Keep motivated each day and also motivate others.Each monday quotes here will inspire you and also tell you how you feel about the monday. Share these monday morning quotes with all. Enjoy the MONDAY..!!