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No matter how much you contribute to someone if you are not then its just a waste matter of time.
The snakes are not just visible in the water. Sometimes you talk and you’re always together!.
Patama not all about you, you’re just not hitting just because you feel !!!
Very beautiful are tended not to notice.
You do not really need to make up for being accepted by others. If you have a good attitude, everyone will surely love you.
Hopefully people like cellphone will die spontaneously when faulty.
If love is a game, for sure. Rematch was the cry of the ungodly move on.
When you fight for love, but when you’re faced fool, you leave.
When we say “move on”, I mean that, you forget everything. I do not even remember you, you’re not hurt.
You do not have a boyfriend… But that hurt you anyway.

Do not waste words to people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.
You love her dearly but she has something else, so what? GAPE
To write, when she could do a distinction here, until next be more of a marks. Just like when you love so much you have given everything, pain that acts past, still carrying to the present.
Sometimes we need to be hurt before we awake ones.
When you’ve found the person, you do not know why you love her more than you lost.
If you are angry, do not worry about him, just think she to be dead as well.
After ignoring him when you see him happy in others, Could hurt and anger swelling up. You fool!
There are things that are hard to explain at the moment because when you experience, You do not understand.
The investigator haters like that. Because almost all the moves you’ve followed, are watched as well.
Not all the time you will find a person who could just stay pleaded. So learn to appreciate the people who do it all, do not simply disappear.