Dance Like Everyone is Watching

You know that old saying, “dance like no one is watching”?

They have it wrong.
Dance like everyone is watching.
 Dance like your spouse is watching. Exude confidence and stamina.
Dance like your kids are watching. Show them you can find happiness and joy, even if it doesn’t look like everyone else’s happiness and joy.
Dance like your parents are watching. Be respectful of your body and your sexiness.
Dance like your friends are watching. It’s admirable to bring a wave of positive energy with you, leaving smiles in your wake. If they giggle at your craziness, it’s because they are admiring your guts.
Dance like God is watching. He is. Always. He makes music come from our hearts, rhythm (or lack of it) in our bodies. We are the beat of the life He created. When you dance, remember that.
Dance like everyone is watching, even when no one is watching.