Atlanta Exes Episode 2 Full Video Summary and Wiki

Last night was the premiere of Atlanta Exes and not only did VH1 go into promotion overdrive to get the show a ratings boost they even aired two episodes last night hoping it would garner a lot of buzz from viewers. It did just that. The show was the number 1 trending topic on Twitter. Last week we debuted the premiere episode and now you can watch the drama continue on episode 2. There was also a cameo appearance from a familiar face. DJ Traci Steele who appeared on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta next year is looking mad thirsty getting involved with more drama.

On episode one we were introduced to the drama between Tameka and Sheree. The entire episode Tameka was making digs towards Sheree Buchanan, the former wife of NFL player Ray Buchanan. She criticized her outfit in front of the other ladies calling it “tacky” and then went further saying she is setting a bad example for her daughter. Ouch! Sheree being the bigger woman calls Tameka over to sit and talk about the conflict before things go worse. Tameka tries to explain that it was her emotional divorce that has caused her stress and might be the reason she was throwing jabs at her friend.

Downtown Monyetta takes Ne-Yo mom’s advice and starts the process of moving on. She still lives in Ne-yo’s home and is surrounded by dozens of reminders of their past relationship. What’s even worse is she shares the home with his mom! But the two ladies get along and have a deep relationship. Ne-Yo’s mom suggested it was time to find someone new and it was okay for her to start dating. So Monyetta takes her advice and heads to w jewelry shop with Cee Lo-s ex Christina Johnson to get her engagement ring altered into something else.

Sheree invites the ladies for a night out to bond and do some match making. Although this was done to ease tension this night out stirs up more drama that eventually escalates. Christina Johnson, Cee Lo’s ex, seems to have the same eccentric style. She was rocking some crazy outfit with a cape and blinged out lipstick. Tameka took the opportunity to say it looked like “skittles-pox”. The night out went from fun to something else when Tameka noticed Sheree’s daughter Destinee was invited. Tameka was appaulled and criticized Sheree’s parenting skills since Destinee was drinking, smoking a hookah and dancing on men in front of her. Sheree didn’t mind, her daughter was grown and she let her have some fun. Destinee is her best friend and the two are very close. But that relationship turned Tameka off. This was where the cattiness comes in.

The next day Tameka invites Torrei to her home while she begins to plan an event for her foundation the Kile Glover foundation. It was one of the first one on ones these two had. Torrei just moved to Atlanta so she is the newbie to the group of girlfriends. But Torrei seemed to have an opinion about Tameka’s planning. It didn’t seemed organized to Torrei and for some reason Tameka had almost nothing done and no confirmed celebrities for the event.

Sheree sets Christina Johnson up on a date. In the first episode we saw there was some attachment issues between Christina and her ex. But Sheree is trying to push Christina along in the dating world and get things poppin. Sheree might have done her thang with this match. Willy is tall, a nice build and a beautiful smile. But of course Christina put him through the ringer and question him on everything. His religion, birthplace, workout regimen, and even his sexual preferences came into question. He is also in a similar situation but in the divorce process from his wife. It would have been a deal breaker for Christina in the past but she’s trying to give it a chance. It was cute and sweet. Good Luck!

During lunch with the ladies, Christina tells the girls about her date and you would think they would be happy for her. But Tameka was soooooo bitter about it. She wouldn’t even let her finish the story. Tameka continues her bitchiness once Monyetta talks about how she still lives with Ne-Yo and they decided to keep their family photos up for the kids. And of course Tameka ridicules her calling it “shrine-esque”.  These comments have left a negative impression on Torrei who lets her feelings out to Sheree. But Sheree, who gotten the most of the jabs, defends her, saying it might just be stress from the divorce. But the talk with Torrei puts things in perspective and Tameka doesn’t really seem like she’s just stressed.

Sheree gets a text from her friend, who’s been hanging out with  Tameka Raymond. She claims that Tameka has been running her mouth about Sheree and her parenting skills. Sheree tried to reach out to Tameka but she never picked up. So Sheree just decided to not show up to her charity event for Kile.

Even though Sheree was absent, things with Tameka turn crazy once Torrei attends the event with her friend DJ Traci Steele. Hart who is over the jabs that Tameka’s been throwing lets her have it and Traci joins in.

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