Did Kym Johnson Had Face Lift & Botox to Remove Wrinkles on Face?

It is very common among the celebrities of Hollywood to go under the knife and enhance their beauty. Kym Johnson is one of the many celebrities to have plastic surgery.

Kym Johnson is a professional ballroom dancer and television performer from Australia. She appeared in the Australian version of the show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ as a dancer. After that she even served as a judge for that show since 2013.

There were many forums where people started discussing about Kym Johnson’s plastic surgery and based on the before and after pictures of Kym Johnson, few people have come to a conclusion that she had definitely undergone a surgery to enhance her beauty and it seems to have worked really well.

Kym Johnson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo
Kym Johnson had botox injections to remove those wrinkles from her face while the brow lift has elevated her brow than it was prior. As she has good genes, it is good that she doesn’t opt for further surgeries, especially the botox or else she could end up in the list of plastic surgeries gone bad.

Currently, after she successfully got the wrinkles on her face removed and got a browlift, Kym Johnson is looking beautiful than before. Hope, she sticks with her current enhancement and don’t go overboard with her love for plastic surgeries unlike the other celebrities.

What do you say guys?