Grace Miguel Usher’s First Girlfriend After Tameka Raymond

Usher Finds Replacement For Atlanta Exes Star Tameka Raymond.

Following a public and vitriolic divorce from Tameka Raymond, Usher lands a new boo and she’s older than him too. Miguel Grace is 45 years old, 10 years older than Usher. Tameka Raymond Foster and Chilli from TLC, his former lovers, were also older than Usher. So can we say the singer has type?

Well the woman who is replacing Tameka has had her eye on Usher for years. Grace Miguel and the singer have worked together in the music industry. Grace is a Def Jam executive. Not only did Grace take Tameka’s man, she also too her job. For years Tameka was the singer’s stylist and now that’s Grace’s job. Once Usher fired not only Tameka from that position he took things even further and fired his own mom from being his manager. That decision to leave his momager caused a lot of tension within the household that also put a strain on his marriage. Grace is also his new manager and since she has gotten a hold of everything in Raymond’s life she is changing things.

Grace Miguel allegedly fired his whole staff. In a recent report from Perez Hilton Grace cleaned house letting everyone go. She replaced all his personal staff with her own people – and he’s letting her do it! The biggest change he’s allowing her to make is firing his longtime friend and agent, Mark Cheatham of CAA.

Wow this new boo thang has him whipped. What do you think of her? Is she an upgrade from Tameka?