Kevin Hart and Eniko Get Engaged During Atlanta Exes Premiere

Now after hearing this news I’m not really sure who is the bitter one. This is just down right dirty. Kevin Hart’s ex wife of many years Torrei Hart is part of the cast of VH1’s Atlanta Exes. Although Torrei and Kevin’s relationship was strong and vital for years resulting in two beautiful children, it seems both are just as bitter about the divorce as heck.

Earlier this year when promotion began for Atlanta Exes, Torrei Hart was making her media rounds and dissing Kevin’s girlfriend Eniko. She claimed that Eniko was the reason for their divorce. While they were married Kevin was allegedly sleeping with Eniko and later Torrei found out. Kevin’s fans immediately responded before Kevin did. They went in on Torrei calling her bitter and claiming that she’s only trying to spur buzz for the upcoming reality show. Later VH1 released an extended preview of the series which showed a scene from the premiere episode where Torrei cries “He cheated on me, how does he get to move on?” Kevin add to the noise the fans were making saying Eniko had nothing to do with their divorce and Torrei was just bitter.

Kevin and Torrei went on to have a never ending social media feud which all the major blogs including MediaTakeOut and TMZ covered extensively. Torrei was eventually labeled as bitter by all the media sources. But what happened last night might prove otherwise.

Atlanta Exes premiered August 18th and the same day news broke that Kevin Hart proposed to Eniko. Now tell me that wasn’t done just to get back at Torrei! So as much as Kevin can say he has moved on, which it looks like he did, why would a man take things that far to get engaged on the night of his ex wife’s career move? If that doesn’t sound like the comedian still has some resentment then I don’t know what did. Because nothing else was special about August 18th. It was a Monday for crying out loud. He could have made the moves on her birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, even Labor Day but not the premiere night. C’Mon Man!