Ne-Yo Talks About Monyetta Being Ratchet on Atlanta Exes

Recently R&B singer Ne-Yo hit up New York city on a promo tour for his new music. His sixth album is on the way. Of course Angie Martinez had to ask about his personal life. Ne-Yo mentioned the kids are great and gives a shout out to Monyetta Shaw, his baby mother. Their relationship is still good he says. The same it has always been just no more romance.

Ne-Yo also gives a few details about the upcoming season off Atlanta Exes and lets us know he will make a small appearance. Ne-Yo told Angie Martinez VH1 was filming when his former fiance threw a celebration for his mom. Monyetta was honoring her for something she did. Monyetta actually still lives in the same house with Ne-Yo’s mom. The 5,900 square foot home will be seen on the show, since filming was done there earlier this year. Oddly enough Ne-Yo couldn’t even remember what it was.

He also gives Monyetta props and swears she will not be the ratchet center piece of Atlanta Exes. Although we know VH1 is known for their portrayal of black women and anger. Ne-Yo says the show will focus on the ladies personal lives moving on following devastating break ups.